Creative Ways to Display Embroiery

There are many creative ways to display embroidery.  The most obvious ways is to embroidery the piece on clothing.  The pieces of thread art along with some ribbon art could not only be great for fashion, they can be used to decorate the home.

Quilts and wall hangings

It takes several embroidered pieces to make a quilt out of them but these can be either large pictures or small ones.  The quilt could be made large enough to fit a king size bed or small enough to hang on the wall.

Another type of wall hanging is one in which you purchase two dowels from a hardware store.  You then take one of the embroidery pictures and wrap the top and the bottom of the piece around the dowels and either glue or sew them in place and then attach a string to the top dowel to hang it.

Another type of wall decoration is once you finish your embroidery; you can either leave it in the embroidery hoop when you are done or buy a smaller hoop to put it in.  You can then glue (hot glue gun works best) your embroidery into the hoop or just hang it on the wall.  Many Christmas ornaments have also been created in this manner.

Decorating Jewelry boxes

This can be done to either paper or wooden jewelry boxes.  If the box is wooden, you will need to take off the hinges first.  Then you spread the embroidered picture over the top of the box and glue down the edges.  Then put the hinges back and you have made a very special jewelry box.


Only embroidery your curtains if you are really up for a challenge.  Putting a pretty design on the bottom is easy but if you decide to do more, it is very time consuming.


One of the easiest ways to display embroidery is by making it into a throw pillow.  Just sew your piece to another piece of material that matches the shape.  Then you stuff it and finish sewing it shut.  You can add ruffles or bias tape around the edges.

Another way for pillows is to embroider onto a pillowcase.  These make wonderful gifts. 

The pillowcase is great for a beginner because you can usually purchase a kit that has instructions, the pillowcases, and some even have the floss in them.  Most craft stores carry these kits and many more.

Towels and Washcloths

Most of what you see embroidered on these is the his/hers.  Occasionally you see a name or initials.  An animal would be cute for a child.  It could even be fun for an adult.

Napkins and Placemats

Cross-stitch or satin stitch works best for these items because they have to be washed so much.  To make a place mat you will need to add a backing to your embroidery piece and quilting it wouldn’t hurt.  You could make a quick job of it by sewing some bias tape or folded material around the edges.

There are as many ways to display embroidery, as there are imaginations in the world.  Don’t be afraid to use your imagination.  Even lampshades can become a creative display for your embroidery.  If you happen to be good at ribbon flowers, you could decorate your picture frames with them.  The potential is there if you are willing to work for it.