Dance Ballet Company Reviews Boston Ballet Company

The prestigious Boston Ballet Company was founded by E. Virginia Williams in 1963. It was the very first professional repertory ballet company in New England. The Boston Ballet Company is deemed one of the major ballet companies in North America. The Boston Ballet Company is also recognized as one of the top ballet companies in the entire world. The company owes its international reputation to Artistic Directors Violette Verdy (1980-1984 ) Bruce Marks (1985-1977 ) and Anna-Marie Holmes (1997-2000.) Mikko Nissinen, the current Artistic Director, was selected to lead the Boston Ballet in September of 2001. The Boston Ballet company has certainly flourished since. Thanks to Nissinen’s brilliant artistic direction, the Boston Ballet Company has soared to new heights with a vast array of world premiere works guided by some of the world’s most famed contemporary choreographers.

The Boston Ballet Company which is the largest ballet school in all of North America, owes am major degree of its success to Executive Director Barry Hughson as well. Hughson is an award winning internationally popular dancer who has expertise in arts management. Boston’s Ballet Company has a highly successful history. Back in the year of 1979, the Boston Ballet Company opened the highly successful Nervi Festival in Italy. And 1980 saw the Boston Ballet Company being the very first American Dance Company to perform in the People’s Republic of China. The response is said to have been overwhelming. In 1981 the company had its London Premiere with the full length production of Swan Lake. Such a beautiful production it was. The company went on to tour the United States, France, Mexico and Italy. Then in 1983, the Boston Ballet Company presented Don Quixote on Broadway with special guest artist Rudolf Nureyev.

Boston Ballet Company is proud of the fact that they were the very first major dance company to commission works for contemporary choreographers such as; Ralph Lemon, Susan Marshall, Helen Pickett, Mark Morris and Elisa Monte. This certainly added to the company’s fame. In May of 1990, Natalia Dudinskaya along with Konstantin Sergeyev and Anna Holmes, who was the assistant director at that specific time, staged a brand new production of Swan Lake which had Boston Ballet dancers performing the leading roles alongside dancers from The Bolshoi and Kirov Ballet. This well remembered historical production gained immediate international attention. Thus The Boston Ballet Company was now at the forefront of the international ballet scene. The Boston Ballet Company can also add winning productions such as The Taming of the Shrew, Romeo & Juliet, and Michael Corder’s award winning Cinderella, to their highly impressive repertoire. And who can forget the timeless classics such as La Sylphide and Sleeping Beauty?

With Resident Choreographers which includes Christopher Wheeldon, Helen Pickett and Jorma Elo, Boston Ballet Comapny  has no problems at all, retaining their sensational reputation. The imaginative input of all choreographers is second to none. In fact the Boston Ballet Company’s repertoire was mentioned in the New York times in 2009 as being “one of the most eclectic in the country.” The Boston Ballet’s Orchestra has certainly helped to make the company what it is today. Directed by world renowned conductor Jonathon Mc Phee, the Boston Ballet Orchestra is one of the finest orchestras in the land. McPhee has much experience behind him, New York City Ballet as well as the Royal Ballet in London just to mention two. With dancers such as Erica Corno, Carlos Molina, Kathleen-Breen Combes and Pavel Garevich, one can surely see why the Boston Ballet Company gains such applause.

Perchance the success of the Boston Ballet Company also stems from the fact that they offer so much more than just prized performances. With well over 3,000 students in four locations in Boston, Norwell, Newton and Marblehead, offering lessons for children as young as two through to adults, one can see that the Boston Ballet Company is  popular indeed. There are a host of educational and outreach activities for the entire community as well. They also offer Summer dance workshops, Citydance, Summer dance programs, Taking steps and Adaptive Dance which is in partnership with the Children’s Hospital Boston. The Boston Ballet Company’s headquarters are located at 19 Clarendon Street in Boston’s South End neighbourhood. You will find that this is one of the best equipped dance schools in all of America. The premises were designed by renowned architect Graham Gund. This is a very impressive five-story, 69,000 square foot building well worth seeing for yourself. The Boston Ballet Company is highly focused on its dedication to excellence.