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Dancers and Musicians

Dancing is my cup of tea, I would say! Ever since I was a little girl, I remember dancing with my mom and sister in front of the mirror to music. That was one of my happy times from my childhood and till this day I love listening to music and dancing!

I love all genres of music. I just like music that has that really good beat and rhythm to it that all you can do is start dancing! Musicians have that way of enticing someone to dance by the music they create. They have to have the beat just right to make someone start tapping their foot or nodding their head, but to get someone to dance takes a more challenge.

The musicians create the music so a dancer can dance because without music there would be no dancing. Dancers appreciate musicians for their music they create. Dancers can create different moves to each beat and they have to pay attention to the music the musicians play so they can get the move just right on beat.

There are many genres of dancing that go with the many genres of music. You have hip hop music that go with hip hop dance, you have classical that go with ballet, you have country that go with the 2-step or line dancing, you have jazz music that go with jazz dancing and etc.

I think some dancers can appreciate more musicians than others because of their favorite style of dance they like to do. And unfortunately there are some musicians that dancers despise because of the music they play. It just depends on the dancer’s preference I would say.

I’m really not sure what the relationship the musicians would have with the dancers because they are more the ones making something up for the dancer.  If there were no dancers music still would go on, but if there were no music would dancing still go on? I believe not. Music is what makes people dance. Dancing does not make musicians play. I’m sure that dancers could have an effect on musicians by their dancing, but I think musicians play for different reasons.

I like both the musicians for the ability to create music and I like dancers for their ability to create moves. I like listening to music and I like watching dancing and definitely dancing myself! So overall I would say musicians and dancers have a good relationship with each other whether they realize it or not. Musicians do play a major part in the relationship though because they are the ones to make a dancer want to dance.

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