Dancing Brings People together

Dancing is a great form of socialization. Perhaps one of the best is square dancing. Since a “square” consists of four couples, these eight people shake hands and introduce themselves at the beginning of a set or tip. From there it is not unusual for new friendships to be made. After a tip, new acquaintances often sit down together and get to know each other better, even going so far as to going for snacks after the dance. This has happened to me numerous times and I have formed long lasting friendships that have lasted for years though separated by age and miles.

When I move to a new community, one of the first things I do is contact a dance group. I know this is one of the best ways to make new friends. My most recent experience with dancing had unexpected consequences. It all began when I attended a country/western dance at the senior center in the town where I had moved a few weeks earlier.

The center was located in the town where I grew up, but I had been gone from the area for forty years. None of the faces at the dance were familiar to me. It being a friendly community, several people talked to me and encouraged me to keep attending the regular dances. As time went on, I developed a circle of friends and was finding that I was not lacking in dancing partners.

One special evening, as I was sitting with my friends, I noticed a gentleman sitting at the opposite end of the table. He was with a younger man who had asked me to dance a few times, but he was not dancing. About half way through the evening I went up to him and asked if he would like to dance. He agreed to that dance and we danced with each other the rest of the evening.

Before the evening was out he had asked me to go to a dance in a neighboring town the following Friday night. From that beginning we continued to see each other regularly. A few months later he asked me to marry him. We now have been together four years and it all began at a dance. We laugh and tell everyone that I asked him to dance and we have been dancing ever since. Yes, we still go dancing on a regular basis and we have made friends at the dances in the new community where we moved recently.

For me, dancing is the ultimate form of entertainment and socialization. It combines meeting new friends, aerobic exercise and keeping time to music all in one delightful activity. And you never know what unexpected outcomes will occur.