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Dancing for the common folk of the world

There are as many forms of dance as there are emotions that run through the human heart. Dances exist for every reason and for every occasion. But when art moves into the realm of reality, it will have to make do with what the ordinary Joe does to and with it.

Dancing is a beautiful thing to watch. There are two instances when dancing is a pleasure for its spectator; when it is performed by professionals and when it is an expression of the intense feelings of a heart and tradition. Dances for the common folk of the world keep tradition alive and allow everyone to express their pride both regionally and as a community.

The creation of a dance on stage before a conventional audience has its own allure and charm, but it must bow to its older cousin who has survived the terrain of human experience to exhibit an expression of contact with something far more substantive than make-believe. Dancing for the common folk consists of movement and rhythm that is undeniably unpredictable and thoroughly enjoyable, from barn dancing through to African tribal dancing. 

There is a release that comes through the body movements, an expression of what one is feeling or experiencing at that point in time. Proficiency in this form of human bodily expression is as hard to come by as people who actually communicate rather than speak. When one is alone, and this dance is being performed for one’s own pleasure, then the skill at expressing emotions that move one strongly are neither in question nor needful. When one has an audience of any size, the vagaries of the audience’s understanding must affect the production of expression.

Dance must go through a change every time it encounters a new stimulus than the one it was previously experiencing. It is like the tone of the voice of a man talking to his mother who suddenly sees a beautiful woman. Dance must give birth to a new strain each time something changes. And by so doing it spins off a new form of art and expression.

It’s worthwhile remembering that practice in private makes you better at dancing. If you want to be perfect, better get a really good dance instructor. And as for the rest of the people who just want to dance and who do not aim for perfection but for a decent proficiency in expression, those fleeting moments of lightness are the perfect time to invent new dance steps. Who knows, it might become “art” someday. And if it does not, dancers are content with the fulfillment of self expression. Oh yes, the practice of those moments does make you better.

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