Dark Cloud first Dungeon Exploiting Guide Ps2

After viewing the lengthy and graphically impressive opening scene of Dark Cloud, you will subsequently be thrown into the empty Nolun Village with the instruction of the Fairy King that you must take steps to recover the Atla and subsequently rebuild the village in your own image or preferably, to suit that of the villagers that you rescue. You must then go to visit the village chief and he will give you a collection of items including a loaf of bread, a bottle of water and a weapon repair powder. Take note of this as you can farm this useful technique and use it to your advantage when it comes to progressing through the first dungeon.

When you first enter the first dungeon in Nolun village, you will be greeted by several kinds of enemies including a smasher, a skeleton and a bat. The bat requires you to charge your weapon by holding X to do a jump attack. If you get attacked, the bat will poison you. The skeleton is incredibly easy, just attack it by charging in when it backs away. Avoid the smasher’s attack and you will subsequently defeat it with ease. Later on you will also fight peculiar looking magic monsters from the second floor on that will deal some major damage and then later suits of armour which can cripple your sword usage very easily.

The best tips that can be offered when it comes to getting through the first dungeon is to simply utilize the village chief’s freebies while you are on the first two floors. Every run on the first section of floor one will cause your dagger to level up for the first few times and the fact that you have constant access to free weapon repair powder, food and water means you can exploit the first two floors as much as you want to get your weapon stronger ready to break down to attach to a new weapon as an orb, as well as giving you access to more items, attachments and rarer equipments such as the rapier which is a rare drop from skeletons.

Progress through floor one collecting Atla as you find it and never overlook the benefits of leaving the dungeon and re-entering to exploit the village chief’s freebies. You will eventually come across Xiao who will be revealed as a playable character who uses a slingshot. Use Xiao to your advantage when you need to cross previously un-explored floors as well as when you come to face Dran, the final boss and guardian of Nolun Village and you will then have the means of progressing to the next village after you have rescued all of the Atla and have rebuilt Nolun in your own image. The first dungeon is arguably one of the most crucial and beneficial alike as you can essentially farm items and increase your weapons as much as you like, simply by exploiting the first two floors and the free items from the village chief.