Diablo Ii Sorceress Cold Tree

In Diablo II, the Sorceress is both the most powerful spell caster, and the hardest to keep alive.  Thankfully, there are cold spells, which, in addition to causing damage, tend to freeze or at least slow down enemies, amongst other things.

At level 1, The Sorceress gains access to “Ice Bolt” and “Frozen Armor.”  Ice Bolt is a simple cold attack that is really only useful at the beginning of the game, and as a prerequisite to much more powerful cold spells.  Frozen Armor also serves better as a prerequisite than anything else, but can be quite handy for bumping up the armor at early levels when the sorceress is far to weak to wear any strong armor.

At level 6, “Ice Blast” and “Frost Nova” become available.  Ice Blast actually freezes enemies temporarily in addition to damaging them.  Frost Nova is much more useful, as it blast all enemies near the caster with a wave of cold.  The damage is minimal, but all enemies are slowed for a period of time.  This spell can be a life saver.

Level 12 opens up “Shiver Armor.”  It works just like Frost Armor, but also damage and slows enemies that make attacks on the Sorceress. 

Level 18, The Sorceress can learn “Glacial Spike.”  This spell is the cold equivalent of Fire Ball.  It causes massive damage to the target, explodes, and freezes nearby enemies.  A must for all cold based Sorceress players.

At Level 24, two more important Cold Sorceress spells become available.  “Chilling Armor” is the strongest of her armor spells.  This one builds on the previous spells by launching ice attacks at any enemy that uses a ranged attack.  “Blizzard” is a spell that does just about what one would expect.  It is an area of effect spell, dealing cold damage, and the slowing effects that come along with it.

Level 30 completes the skill tree with the skills, “Frozen Orb” and “Cold Mastery.”  Frozen Orb creates a sphere (or orb) that shoots ice based attacks at enemies within the area.  It is not as powerful a spell as one might hope for, but it can still wreak a lot of havoc.  Cold Mastery simply lowers the resistance of the targets of cold attacks.  It is most certainly useful, but will not be a life changer.