Diablo Ii Sorceress Fire Tree

The Fire Skill Tree in Diablo II is for those who wish to play a Sorceress which can deliver consistent damage.  While not maintaining the potential of lightning, it also has the highest minimum levels of damage per spell.  It also lacks the side effects of the cold spells, but delivers more damage in every possible way.

At level 1, The Sorceress can learn “Fire Bolt” and “Warmth.”  Fire Bolt is the basic fire attack, that players actually technically start the game with.  One point here is a necessity, as it is a prerequisite for just about everything, but this spell becomes obsolete quickly.  Warmth sounds great, as it increases mana recovery rate, but the increased rate is not all that incredible, and with mana potions so readily available, this one isn’t really very necessary.

At level 6, The Sorceress can learn “inferno.” The good news about this spell is that it is really fun to use, as players can just hold the clock to continuously shoot flames at the enemy.  The bad news is that it drains the mana very quickly.

At level 12, The Sorceress can learn “Blaze” and “Fireball.”  Blaze simply leaves a trail of fire everywhere the Sorceress walks.  This is sort of a tough spell to use successfully.  Fireball on the other hand, is a nice powerful spell that damages the target, exploding on combat, and damaging those nearby as well.

At level 18, The Sorceress can learn “Fire Wall” and “Enchant.”  Fire Wall is a much easier and more powerful version of blaze.  Enchant wraps weapons in fire causing them to add fire damage, and also improving the attack rating.  The problem with this spell is that even with this enchantment, the Sorceress still makes for a terrible fighter.

At level 24 The Sorceress can learn “Meteor.”  This one calls forth a highly damaging meteor that explodes and causes massive damage in a large area.

At level 30, The Sorceress can learn “Hydra” and “Fire Mastery.”  Hydra calls forth dragon looking creatures made out of fire that shoot fire at all enemies on the screen.  Fire Mastery increases the amount of fire damage from the spells.  The increase is not as much as is the case with Lightning Mastery, but it is still a must for anyone who wishes to use many fire spells.