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Different Types of Letterboxing Supplies

Letterboxing is an enjoyable hobby that involves elements of treasure hunting, hiking and adventure. Letterboxing is not only an opportunity to get creative, but also encourages family time, exercise and gives you the opportunity to explore new scenic places they might have not previously gone to. It involves one party creating and hiding a letterbox and the other party, which can be anybody, seeking out the hidden letterbox.

Supplies among different letterboxes can vary. It really depends on your creative choices, but all letterboxes should have the rubber stamp and ink pad. The rubber stamps are unique because they should be something that you create by yourself. You can use an eraser and carve out the design you want to characterize you, whether it is your name, initials, or a picture. It can be simple or complex, but should be something that represents you. This rubber stamp that you put in your letterbox is for visitors to stamp in their personal journals or books when they find your letterbox. Other than the rubber stamp and ink pad, you should also include a little notebook or any kind of book with blank pages where people who seek out your box may add their personal stamp as proof of their visit.

The actual box can be any little container that you can close tightly, and that is waterproof, and preferably unlikely to be a type of material that insects can eat through. Other materials that you could possibly include are self-addressed postcards. This is to encourage visitors to send you a message when there is damage to your box, without you having to physically go to your box every now and then to check if everything is okay. As an alternative to having visitors add their stamps to a book you leave, you could also ask them to add their stamp to a postcard that you have left and then post that to you. This will help you gauge the levels of traffic to your box. If you choose not to add self-addressed postcards, ensure that you put your contact details in your letterbox for the primary reason of enabling visitors to contact you when there has been damage to your box. You can also put all the items in your letterbox in Ziploc bags, to further prevent them from getting wet just in case water happens to enter the box.

The visitors to the letterbox will need the aforementioned rubber stamp and ink pad of their own, a journal as well as a pen or pencil. The personal stamp is to leave evidence of your visit, and you may also need a journal to record details of your find – date, time and location.

Letterboxing is a fun activity and can allow you to explore your creative side. While the main items you should have are the rubber stamp and ink pad, you can really use your imagination to add whatever you feel like to your letterbox to make it as original as possible.

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