Digital Photography Film Photography Digital vs Film Digital Development Photoshop

Photography has taken a huge leap over the past 20 years with digital photography. The practical uses of today’s digital camera’s are by fare the greater between digital and traditional film. Digital is brilliant for practical use such as going on holiday, a wedding or even just travelling, the ease of developing digital pictures is amazing, simply link up the camera or use a card reader and print the image and job done! Photography from film means you do the whole processes yourself, from taking the picture to mixing the chemicals, falling over in the dark and waiting for them to dry, the process is very lengthy.

The most common way to develop picture today is digital enhancement through Photoshop. The programme enables you to edit every part of the image and manipulate it in any way you like, its taken images into a whole new world, If you think the contrast needs a slight change it can be done via a click of the mouse. Time is money in the business world, the majority of businesses demand a photographer that works digital or at least digitally enhances the photo’s he takes to make an image you simply cannot take naturally from film.

Quality is the only reason why black and white film and colour processing been completely wiped out, The best way to make a perfect image at its best possible quality is to take it from film however it will be digitally enhanced in Photoshop. Many professional photographers take a film picture, develop it, scan the image into apple Mac a computer with the best quality scanner’s and edit the image via Photoshop. Digital has completely changed the quality and possibilities in photography.

Digital cameras, printers and scanner and gradually developing to become as great as film, the quality different to take is a fine and I believe in the coming years digital photography may take over film completely. People once used 35 mm camera’s for their vacations, then there was disposable cameras and now there is digital, digital has taken over because the practical use is fare beyond those of the past and now there’s no need to go to the developers that take all day to get your images, you can done them from you own home on everyday appliances you already have like a PC and printer. The mega pixel quality on each new digital camera that comes out is getting better even mobile phones can capture a brilliant image, soon digital will be all that is used for images.