Downloadable Game Review Hospital Hustle

Hospital Hustle gets 3/5 for graphics and sound.

In Hospital Hustle you play the role of the new nurse. As patients come in to the hospital you direct them to the area they need treatment in and then get them their chart and/or prescription. When they are healed, you tidy up the area they were occupying and take the dirty linen to it’s respective area.

The graphics on this game were really great. There is a lot of attention to detail as far as the characters moving around and some humorous facial expressions from these characters as they check into the hospital. When they get to leave the hospital after you’ve taken care of them they jump for joy and leave smiling.

The sounds are spot on as well. Funny little remarks from patients as you direct them towards the area they need to be and remarks from the doctors as they work on patients make this game fun to play, but that’s right about where the fun stops.

As you get further into the game you can buy new equipment for your hospital, such as an operating table, x-ray machine, etc. This does make it quite a bit more challenging as you have many patients coming in for all different kinds of treatment and you have to make sure they have a clean area to be treated in.

That being said, maybe the word “challenging” isn’t exactly accurate. When you’re playing this game it feels like your constantly doing busy work. You are really just running around cleaning up after people.

I’ve known a few nurses in my time and I would think that a couple of them might even be slightly offended by this very “maid-like” depiction of the job. In this game the doctors really do all the work, you just move people around. Even when it gets busy in the hospital and you are forced to multi-task by moving people and cleaning up after them at the same time, it is still just more of the same and really gets tedious.

The graphics are great, but graphics alone don’t make a game. Hospital Hustle is a good example of this. The game itself is just too much of the same, and although you are getting a pretty picture it’s just not much fun doing the same thing over and over again.

If you are just looking to kill an hour or so, then this game might be something for you to look at. As for me, I’ll be moving onto something a little more involved.