Downloadable Game Review Kukoo Kitchen

Kukoo Kitchen is a surprising 4/5. I wasn’t expecting much at first glance, but after playing it I couldn’t pull myself away.

The concept of the game is quite simple: You are playing as Chill-Li, a dog trying to help her master pay the rent on the space ship by cooking. You play the game by clicking certain icons that make food (a french fries, hamburger, etc.) and then placing them in a tray to be pushed off to the customer. You make more money for your master the faster you can do this.

While you really don’t do anything more than that, it is more challenging than you would think. Sure, the first few levels are a breeze, but soon more and more options for food get thrown at you (sauces for burgers, pizza with toppings, toys, etc.) and it becomes a real task to get the orders out fast enough to make good money.

Another really great part of Kukoo Kitchen is that it has boss levels. After you’ve served up orders through a few levels you get to experience a different kind of challenge. It breaks up some of the monotony of the game.

The graphics aren’t anything spectacular, but they’re not bad either. Simple animation done very well. Sound effects and voices match up well with the animation and give it that extra depth that makes it a good game.

Kukoo Kitchen also keeps you wanting to play with a storyline that continues to evolve throughout the game. In between levels you are updated about how the situation is progressing, and you are instructed on how to deal with it. The storyline isn’t complicated or “mystery like”, its just some entertainment in between levels for the most part.

Also, as you continue to make money in the game you find yourself with the option of buying new equipment for new items on your menu. You can upgrade these items throughout the game as well. Each new item presents you with new opportunities to make money and new challenges for completing orders. Upgrades and new equipment make every new level a little different and more fun.

All-in-all Kukoo Kitchen was a fun game to play. It would me a fantastic game for children, and adults alike for that matter, to exercise their abilities to multi-task. The game requires that you’re always thinking a step ahead, but still completing the task at hand. Kukoo Kitchen would definitely be a great buy, especially with the low price its going for.