Downloadable Game Review Minione Racing

After enjoying this game for about 20 minutes, I noticed the game play begins to becoming easier and more enjoyable. At the beginning of this game it was very difficult to play, and I unfortunately came in last place. The music on the menu is very catchy and exciting.

This game is definitely a child’s game and I can see why a child might find this interesting. However some parents might find this game a little violent due to the fact that your racing tank comes equipped with a gun. The graphics are fairly decent, however at some points on the track they tend to be less attractive. This is a simple game that does not take very long to get use to. After a few tries level “medium” becomes pretty easy, but there are different difficulty levels.

This game is similar to other games like the famous “Mario Cart Racing” for Nintendo 64, “Crash Bandicoot Racing” for Playstation, “Diddy Kong Racing” for Nintendo 64. The track for Mini One Racing is very short and tends to over lap. The lanes are very small and at times there are tracks and tunnels that go over top the track that make it very difficult to see where your tank is going. In my opinion, I would not purchase the game because their is no progression to the game. You are able to unlock new levels; however you cannot upgrade your tank, or work on achieving better armoury or weapons. I would enjoy this game more if you were able to choose your character and upgrade your equipment.

I really enjoyed how you were able to play others through the Internet, this gives the game a whole new edge that is not evident it most racing games. Games that are now coming out are beginning to include this perk, however right now their are only a select few. My rating on the online gaming is a 4/5 and a 5/5 for creativity. My sound rating is 3/5, game play 2.5/5. My overall rating for this game is a 3.5/5. Potential is evident and I am excited to see how much farther they can take this game.