Dungeon Siege Series Review

There are quite a few games in the hack and slash sub-genre of the RPG genre. Quite a few aren’t too great and the ones that are decent are often overlooked in favour of Diablo 2 and Titan Quest as they are the most poular titles and the measuring stick for other games. Sacred is also a noteworthy title. The first Dungeon Siege didn’t really come close to matching those games in my view, but the second one does a lot right.

Dungeon Siege 1

So, let’s start with the first Dungeon Siege game. It was decent, but it just couldn’t hold a candle to the other games mentioned. Its character levelling system is quite different from the other games though. The character you control doesn’t have any levels, Instead, they improve by using certain weapons or magic and via using them, statistics relevant to the weapons and magic will improve. For instance, swinging a sword will increase strength and to a lesser extent, the other attributes. So, it’s a pretty nice system and the gameplay is the same as others in the genre. Click enemies until they die. There are no skills or talents to pick though in order to progress your character.

The lack of skills and talents contributes to the game not being as good as the best in the genre, but it is not the main contributing factor. Instead, that right is reserved for the fact that enemies don’t respawn in singleplayer. Part of the enjoyment in these games comes from killing enemies and seeing what rare items drop, which might be an upgrade for your character. With no respawning enemies, a lot of that fun is gone.

So, it’s a decent game, but there are much better games out there.

Dungeon Siege 2

Dungeon Siege 2 is a pretty big improvement over the first game. For starters, it uses the character development system from the first game but it also has some extra features. As attributes are levelled, a character gains levels and with each level comes a skill point that can be spent on various trees. So, there’s a lot more customisation. Secondly, enemies respawn so a lot of the fun that can be found in titles such as Titan Quest, Sacred and Diablo 2 can also be found here. In addition, to go along with the respawning enemies are teleporters that can transport you around the world. In addition, there also three difficulty levels with the harder ones dropping better loot.

As a whole, Dungeon Siege 2 is recommended to play and it can be picked up to play for cheap. However, if you haven’t got or played any of the Sacred games or Titan Quest and Diablo 2, I’d still recommend them. The first Dungeon Siege isn’t really recommended though due to there not being as much replay value.