Dungeons and Dragons Life Comparison

The Dungeons and Dragons board game is widely known across the world for its lifelike characteristics in the game. You control your character that you created, however many characters you have, and you play on whatever campaign your Dungeon Master set up. You battle villains and quest for special items and etc. Now, in Dungeons and Dragons to attack your enemy, you must roll a 20 sided die to see if you get through his armor class, if the number you rolled plus your strength modifier and your base attack bonus combined is more than your enemies armor class your attack goes through and then you roll damage. However, some attacks, feats, skills, and spells you do allow you to do a reflex save or a saving throw to just take half damage or dodge the blow. And there is all kinds of intelligence checks and stuff you can make to test you skills and knowledge.

Now let’s think about this. Let’s compare David the poor, confident guy to Angela the rude, rich girl. They both go to the same high school and on Monday, Mrs. Allen declares war on the students by telling them that she will give them a test Thursday. Angela spends half her time at the mall and half her time studying for the test. David spends a quarter of his time jamming to music and the rest studying. So, When Thursday comes, lets just say Davids got a intelligence modifier of +6 and Angela’s intelligence modifier is +4. David takes the test, rolls a 12, adds his 6 and the test has a armor class of 14 so he passed but he gets a 5 point bonus question right, so that guys happy. Angela however rolls an 11 plus her 4, which comes to 15 and misses the bonus question, so she barely passes. He is more likely to succeed because of his self-discipline to learn and push himself and she will probably become a go with the flow, barely get by on her own, type of girl. He’s gonna be the handsome, butt-kicking bard and shes gonna be the pretty, dumb, rogue.

There is so many ways to compare life and DnD. Thats the reason why i love Dungeons and Dragons. It’s a fantasy, role playing, board game, but its realistic. If you have never played Dungeons and Dragons and you have some free time, DnD is definitely a game you might want to check out. Its one of those games that might take a while to learn how to play but its really worth it. It’s fun to have one of those games that you play with a lot of people that isn’t boring and drags things out forever. With a good Dungeon Master and some awesome quests, DnD will change your life.