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My son received Orchard Toys Lunch Box Game for his 3rd birthday from his friend and it is such a great board game that we play about 3-4 times a week. Now my kids are on holiday so I had a chance to open the box without anyone asking me to play. The game comes in a green cardboard box which contains 4 jigged boards (the 4 lunchboxes), 24 item cards and an instruction leaflet. The toy is available on Amazon for 7 pounds (free delivery). The game is for kids aged 3-7 years and it can be played by 2-4 people.

What is this game about?

There are 4 lunch boxes in the box. They look like an open basket full of healthy food. The red basket contains cherry yogurt, corn, orange juice, cheese sandwich, pear and a pack of nuts. The green basket contains apricot yogurt, cheese, strawberries, a bottle of mineral water, a ham sandwich and celery. The blue basket contains strawberry yogurt, banana, pizza, cucumber, apple juice and raisins. The yellow basket contains a box of milk, raspberry yogurt, boiled egg, tomatoes, white grapes and a chicken drumstick.

Each basket has six empty places below the basket where you have to put the little cards of the foods in your basket.

How to play it?

Each player takes the two parts of a lunchbox and has to put the jigs together. The item cards are spread out face downstairs on the table. The youngest player starts the game by turning one of the cards. If the item on the card is in the player’s lunch box the player puts the card on the board. If the card is not in the player’s lunch box it must be shown to the other players then returned to the tables face downwards. (At this point my son gives the card to me or my husband saying “Here is your card!” and wants to pick one more.) Then it is the next player’s turn to pick an item card. The game goes anti-clockwise. Play lasts until one player has collected all the items on the board. (Usually we continue to find out who is the second and third one.) The winner is the first player to collect all the items in his/her lunch box.

Educational values

This game is my son’s first board game. We have a lot as we adults love playing board games but they will be good only later for the kids. So this board game teaches the kids that there are rules in the game that have to be kept. It is entertaining and as I realised it is tiring for him as he has to concentrate. We play it in the evening when he doesn’t want to go to bed yet. After a game or two he is tired enough for going to sleep. A game lasts for 5-10 minutes so it is quick enough not to be boring.

Kids can learn the name of 24 foods (as listed below). The memory game develops observation and memory skills. As I observed that my son accepts easily when one of us wins the game which is good I think. We don’t let him win by choosing cards we know are not suitable for us because we want him concentrate on the game and challenge him. He is pretty good in it.


I think Orchard Toys made a wonderful educational game. The kids don’t even realise that they learn loads of things while playing. The item cards and the lunch box boards are made of thick cardboard so it is durable. The only thing you have to take good care is not loosing any of the item cards. They are quite small (about 2×2 cm).

The game is enjoyable even for adults so I love playing this game with my son and I wait the day when the younger one will be old enough to join us. (He is 18 months old now.) Occasionally we make the game even more difficult: we use 3 boards but all the item cards so by the end of the game there will remain the 6 item cards of the fourth board. If you play the game with two players you can play with two boards each.

I think this is a fantastic toy and 7 pounds for it is a really good value. I will buy some other games from Orchard Toys to enlarge our collection. They have several similar games to this for about 5-8 pounds which is nothing if you think of its educational value and the loads of fun you can have while playing with the kids.