Experiences Playing Vampire the Masquerade

I played Vampire – The Masquerade exactly one time. I was very lucky in that the group of guys that I played with were all old time gamers with MONDO experience. I was invited to join because my husband was in the game and it was just getting started when I got off work tending bar on Saturday nights.

They were just getting to know me and thought it would be fun. Since I have absolutely no ability to act at all, I have to choose characters that are basically me. My character was therefore a Malkavian who’s name was NAFTA(North American Free Trade Agreement). She would alternate between extreme logic and extreme insanity with heavy emphasis on the insanity. She carried around bags of mice that she ate like cheetos.

The storyteller played a major character in the game who was a Silent Bob type with a large dose of menace. His name was Bob. Surprise, surprise! NAFTA could never get his name right and insisted on calling him Boob. Sometimes she said his name backwards, booB, just to be funny.

Bob had one interesting piece of equipment in the game, it was a Shop Vac that he turned into a hooka. He thought that it might be fun to get NAFTA wasted one afternoon, so he invited her to partake in the Shop Vac experience. Turns out that the Shop Vac made NAFTA totally sane. It was a good piece of information to have.

I found out later that NAFTA had completely changed the course of the game because she had altered Bob’s character reactions so much. Years after wards I was introduced to some new girlfriends of the guys and after a couple of hours talk turned to gaming. Suddenly my old storyteller turned to the girls and said, “This is NAFTA!” You could have heard a pin drop.

I’m fifty years old now. I was about forty-two when NAFTA was gaming. Those poor girls didn’t know whether to scratch their watch or wind their butt! I was pretty proud of that character. She became a legend.

I’ve never played Vampire since then. I believe I had the ultimate experience the very first time I got to play. Besides, it’s hard to top a legend.