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Facts and Fiction about Exotic Dancing

Exotic dancing or being a stripper, is a job. There is a lifestyle that can go along with it and that is where the danger lies. Whenever a woman who happens to earn her living as an exotic dancer finds herself the victim of a crime, the value of her life is cheapened by the fact that she was a stripper.

There are many young women who turn to stripping because of the fast money that you can make. Often this is used to further their education or in many cases to support their children. If this is just a temporary means to an end and the woman can keep herself out of the ugliness that is all around her, then being a stripper can be a good short-term plan.

When women become strippers and fall into the use of illegal substances, a bigger problem develops. The stereotype that all strippers are drug users and cannot be trusted is not always the truth. All women who strip were not victims of sexual abuse as a teenager, another false stereotype, and not all strippers are “bad” people.

Sometimes a young woman finds herself tempted into the world of exotic dancing for the money that she can make. Time goes by and often she does start to use drugs and finds that her existance revolves around friendships with other strippers. Strippers work nights and sleep during the day. They are on a different schedule then many people and naturally it is easier for them to develop friendships with their co-workers. Even a stripper who realizes that she has a substance abuse problem will struggle to be free of it while she continues to work in a club. It takes a strong will to stop using drugs while you are tempted on a nightly basis.

Because many strippers have gotten accustomed to the large sums of money that they can make, many of them do not want to go and get a “normal” job. Although some strippers actually have college degrees, they find they make more money dancing than they would out in the workforce.

A stripper cannot work forever. Everyone ages and a young, tight body is preferable to a woman who is approaching mid-life. If a stripper has not prepared for her future by saving money or furthering her education, she may get stuck in the world of exotic dancing. Often older dancers are referred to as “pity” dancers. Many women who are older and still dancing are usually involved in bad relationships that force them to continue to dance as a means of financial survival.

A good man is not going to take a stripper seriously. Sure there are men who fantasize about being with a stripper. It is probably the same as a man who looks at the Playboy centerfold and imagines a fantasy relationship. Many men do not see these women as being real. Strippers are not all the same. Many come from good families and have college educations. These choose to strip for different reasons. Stereotyping strippers as being cheap whores or drug addicts is unfair. Although the potential is there for them to fall into a dangerous lifestyle, not all strippers go down that road.

It is funny to me that all the negativity is aimed at the strippers. What about the pathetic men who return to these clubs night after night? Not much is ever said about them. There are many of them though or else strip clubs would not be in existence. The message is that before you judge a stripper, consider that they are someone’s daughter and sometimes they are someone’s mother. They are doing a job that has always been in demand and probably will remain so.

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