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Family Board Games

The Christmas holidays are all about family and are a great time for families to enjoy some quality time together. If you have children, the chances are there will be board games around the house and on cold winter nights when relatives have come together, there is nothing better than enjoying some competitive board games. There are many, many to choose from and both new and more traditional games are available. Some of the best family board games for 2009 include the following.

Ticket to Ride

This is one of the more popular games around at the moment and is fairly simple to play. The game is essentially a cross-country train adventure with each player attempting to connect cities by claiming railway routes on a board map of the country. The object of the game is to collect the most points, with points being gained by claiming a train route between two adjacent cities, completing a continuous path of routes between two further apart cities or completing the longest continuous path of routes. America was built on the railroads and the USA version of the game is proving to be popular with the game also available for other countries around the world. With this game you and your family can try your hand at becoming railroad tycoons.

Incan Gold

This is a fun family game of exploring an Incan temple to try and acquire as much gold and treasure as possible. With each turn an explorer can decide to travel further into the temple to get more treasure or leave with what they have gained so far. However watch out for fire, mummies and spiders as they will result in you losing all your treasure. Games last for five rounds with the winner being the explorer who gets out of the temple with the most loot. This one is a fun and exciting game.


This is an unusual game in that players are working together rather than competing against each other. The players in the game make up a disease control team and the aim of the game of the game is to find cures for four deadly diseases that are threatening to overrun the world. Each player takes on a specific role and they work together in the game to contain the diseases, eradicate them and eventually save the world. However this is not guaranteed and a losing game will result in you all failing to save humanity. This is a good family game which will avoid the heat of competition for a while and get you all working together.


Not a new game but still one of the best around as far as family board games go. Travel around the board and build your property portfolio as you try to gain as much money as possible and beat the other players. Watch out that you don’t end up in jail or land on the other player’s property as rents can be expensive and your money can disappear quickly. This is a great game and an excellent way to spend a few hours with your family and see which of you has the skill to become the biggest property tycoon. There are many versions of Monopoly available now and you should be able to find one that suits your family for a fun evening of board game entertainment.

Blokus Classic

This has been a popular game for some time and will continue to be so in the future. It is a simple game to learn and extremely fun to play. The board has 400 squares on it and each of four players has 21 colored pieces in various shapes. The aim of the game is to get as many of your shapes as possible on the board with the winner being the player with the least amount of pieces left when the board is full. It is a fun strategy game and if you enjoy computer games like Tetris then this board game is for you and your family.

Board games are a classic way to have a fun evening with your family. Whether you are cooperating or competing against each other it brings a little fun to a cold winter night and board games make excellent Christmas presents. Your kids will thank you for the ones mentioned above and there are also many more that can bring hours of family enjoyment.

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