Fancy Nancy

To say that Fancy Nancy is the character in a series of books by Jane O’Connor who was drawn by Robin Priess Glasser would be a tremendous understatement. Yes, the information is true, but Fancy Nancy is a character who is so much larger than life that she has taken on a life of her own. 

Nancy is a little girl who loves fancy things. Fancy words, fancy clothes, fancy room decorations, Nancy wants it all. She creates her own fancy world and is discouraged only by the thought that she thinks her family is boring. They don’t even ask for sprinkles on their ice cream, for goodness sakes! Fancy Nancy takes on the task of trying to fancy them up.

Fancy Nancy began her public life in the book, “Fancy Nancy.” Her story includes 50 books and is still growing. This little girl, who prefers saying plume instead of feather, fuchsia instead of purple and bonjour instead of hello, looks at life through rose-colored glasses. She decorates her room with boas and other fancy stuff. Even her doll, Marabelle Lavina Chandelier, has a fancy name.

She has a best friend, Bree. They have fancy adventures together. They take a simple party and turn it fancy. In fact, there is almost nothing Fancy Nancy and her friend like more than a fancy party.

Fancy Nancy is a young girl who is growing up. She has gone from books to entertain 5- to 7 year-olds to entertaining readers in chapter books where her personality is growing even more as she becomes a super sleuth.

Little girls love her fancy attitudes. They also love the fact that she is also a friend they can play with because there is a Fancy Nancy doll. In fact, Nancy has so much personality, there are several dolls that each show her at her best fancy self. They also love playing with her games, which allow them to dress Fancy Nancy Colorforms or let them go places with her. Fancy Nancy is found on her own apps and, even on online games. Check out her butterfly game here. 

Fancy Nancy is also a star in her own show, “Fancy Nancy, the Musical.” Expecting to be chosen to be a mermaid in a play, where she can excel at fanciness, Nancy learns she has been given the part of a dull, boring tree. By now, you know who Fancy Nancy is, she is the girl who can make a dull, boring tree fancy.