Farm Town Facebook Games Earn Coins in Farm Town

Farm Town is a fun and addictive game on Facebook that is perfect for players who aren’t quite into robbing and fighting mafia families. It’s the perfect simulation of starting and maintaining your own virtual farm. It seems as though more and more people are signing up to plow fields, plant seeds, and sell crops for profit. And the main goal of the game is to earn coins so that you can buy more seeds and grow even more crops. Plus you can use coins to buy things like fences, buildings, and animals to make your farm more pleasant to the eye. But all these things cost money, or coins, so here are some ways to earn coins on Farm Town.

The first and easiest way to earn coins is to grow some crops and sell them in the market. You’ll start off the game with a little bit of money that you can invest by spending on plowing costs and seeds to plant. Once your crops grow, you’ll be able to sell them for a profit. Then you can take those profits to plow and plant some more crops to gain even more money. Obviously this can become time consuming, but that’s the nature of owning a farm. But the more you grow, the more coins you can make. As you gain in levels you’ll be able to unlock and purchase seeds that will help you grow even more profitable crops.

Another way to make some coins for your farm is to put yourself up for hire to other farms that are a little more established than yours. You can earn coins by plowing their farms and planting seeds to help their crops. In contrast, when you get to the point that you have too many crops to harvest on your own and you’re losing money, you can hire other farmers to help you with the plowing, planting, and harvesting. You’ll have to pay them, but you’ll still earn more profit by not having crops that are wasted from not being harvested in time. Plus the market pays better for crops that were grown by hired help; designed to encourage farmers to work together.

There are also other little ways to earn some extra coins like the daily lottery that will pop up when you sign in for the first time everyday. A pop-up window will tell you how much you have randomly won and you can add it to your total of coins. You can also sell back many items you’ve purchased in the past like buildings and fences. You won’t get what you originally paid for them but it could be useful in a pinch. Also, selling items you buy with ‘Farm Cash’ is a great way to make some coins as well as selling gifts that friends have sent you since they were free selling those returns a pure profit.

Overall, like most simulation style games on Facebook, the name of the game is playing everyday. The most successful players are those who sign in once or twice a day and spend a little bit of time working on their farms. The game is addicting, and the more addicted you are, the more successful your Farm Town is likely to be.