Felted Christmas Ornaments

With the economy being so tough this year, many people are cutting back and living more simply. People are realizing more and more that all the bling and glitz does not mean anything and that it is time to get back to basics. Living simply can also extend to how you decorate your Christmas tree. One way to simply decorate your Christmas tree is to make homemade ornaments for your tree. Felt ornaments are easy to make and gives your Christmas tree a personal touch.

You can either buy sheets of felt at your local hobby store or make felt from wool yarn. Felt sheets at the hobby store come in a multitude of colors and textures. For just a few dollars, you can purchase enough felt to decorate your whole Christmas tree in felt ornaments. If you want your felt Christmas ornaments to be handmade all the way, you can knit or crochet wool yarn and felt it in the washing machine. Just knit or crochet a square block, felt it in the washing machine in hot water with mild dishwashing soap. Once the block is felted to your liking, shape and dry it. When the felted block is dry, you can cut out shapes to make your Christmas ornaments. The great thing about felted wool is that it does not ravel.

No matter which felt you choose, the ornament making process is the same. Gather all your supplies together which is the felt, cotton batting and embroidery floss. If you have cookie cutters in simple Christmas shapes, you can use them as patterns for your ornaments. Pin two pieces of felt together and trace around the cookie cutter. Cut around the tracing, through both sheets of felt. Also, trace and cut a piece of the cotton batting. You will want to make the cotton batting slightly smaller than the felt shapes because you do not want it to show along the edges. The cotton batting gives the ornament a little extra weight and also fills it out a bit.

Once you have the shapes and the batting cut out, make a sandwich with the pieces. Lay down a felt piece, center the cotton batting piece in the middle and top with the other felt piece, pinning all three layers together. Choose a contrasting color for your floss so it will show up against the felt and thread your needle with embroidery floss making a small knot in the tail end. Using a blanket stitch, sew all three layers together. Begin your stitch at the bottom of the ornament making sure that the knot is hidden on the inside of the felt ornament. A blanket stitch will be seen on both sides of the Christmas ornament. Since felt does not ravel, the blanket stitch is a good stitch for felt ornaments.

Stitch all the way around the ornament finishing up at the bottom. Carefully knot the thread so it does not show. Tie a loop of ribbon at the top to hang the felted ornament on your Christmas tree.

Follow these easy instructions for making felted Christmas ornaments and your Christmas tree will soon be beautifully decorated.