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Forest Law Tekken

Forest Law is basically a literal palette swap of Marshall Law fighting wise in the Tekken games, but he is actually his twenty five year old son who learned Jeet Kune Do from Marshall. Both characters place a great emphasis on martial arts legend Bruce Lee, even in their own appearance, of which they were modeled after. They all even have the same blood type of B and even the same fighting mannerisms such as the tricky dodges and fast pace punches and kicks. Many fans just consider to call both characters by their last name “Law” because they can look practically identical when Marshall is clean shaven with a youthful appearance.

Forest Law as a love for credit cards much to his father’s dismay and has even used them with Paul Phoenix for the tournament fees and gas for the motorcycle that they went on. This of course puts his father in even more debt than before and doesn’t even realize what’s going n with his father’s Chinese restaurant business. He is completely oblivious and just is there for a good time. He even fights along Paul and his father in the Jeet Kune Do dojo that was created before he was born.

In Tekken 3 it is stated that he is living behind his father and feels as though he cannot compete with such a master of the arts. He begins to train at his father’s dojo daily so that one day he could compete in many tournaments and feel the success that his father had felt. But Marshall was a bit shielding of his son and he didn’t want Forest to compete in anything outside of the dojo and this make Forest even more curious to what was out there. When Marshall was gone one day, his good friend Paul Phoenix arrived at the dojo and told Marshall’s son to practice with him, against what his father said he sparred with Paul.

Paul told Forest he’d be great in the Iron Fist Tournament and this led to Forest actually entering without his father knowing, who eventually found out and grew very angry feeling as though his son was taken away from him. Forest may not have won the tournament but he still felt much more accomplished than only sparring in the dojo every day. His only appearance has been in Tekken 3 (and Tag Tournament) but he is mentioned in the 5 game as going with Paul on his motorcycle for a little fun until his father had to pay off bills of property damages and Forest in the hospital since they got in an accident. Every bit of fun comes with a price.  

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