Free Crafts for Kids

Children of all ages like to make things, be it on a rainy day or in the midst of the summer holidays. They beam with pride when they hold up the finished project and can’t wait for it to be displayed for all to see. Though, like with most activities, children get fed up rather quickly with repetition.  If you feel at a loss for new craft ideas, then take a look through these sites for new inspiration.

Family Fun (

This is an extremely easy site to navigate. Family fun is sponsored by Disney and is packed with ideas. Everything is categorised for ease: crafts by age, material and type. Cooking is sectioned into breakfast, lunch, dinner, quickies and cakes. The site also has a huge selection of printables, party ideas and holiday celebrations. If you feel as though you could use a little extra help then check out the how-to videos. Family Fun is completely free to use with no subscription necessary to access any area. Though, for those that would like to join, there are added benefits. Membership is also free and fast. This enables you to save your favourite crafts and recipes. You can opt-in to receive various newsletters that bring ideas to your Inbox or subscribe to the Family Fun Magazine at a discount. Never again will you be flustered for ideas to entertain the children.

Craft Bits (

This site caters for all ages including adults. There is, however, a section predominantly for children. On entering this area you are welcomed with a Top 10 list of projects. This makes finding new ideas quick and extremely easy. For those that like to browse or have a particular craft in mind, use the categories at the bottom. You will find the usual paper, paint and holiday crafts. Crafty Bits also offer bath and body, needle point, and a recycled section for those looking for something different or more specific.

Planet Pals (

Why not teach your children to care for their environment whilst exploring creativity? Introduce them to the Planet Pals. Education teamed with craft makes learning  fun. This site is packed with information, craft projects, free printables and healthy cooking art. You and your children will be entertained for hours with this alternate approach to creativity and learning.

Clip Art and Crafts (

With a collection of paper crafts, clip art and craft printables, options for your children are endless. Why not introduce them to the joys of scrapbooking? Teach them how to treasure those precious photographs with enjoyment and creativity. There are also options for card making, bookmarks and stationary.

With the web at your finger tips, the options are endless. You never need to feel at a loss for inspiration. Children find enjoyment in many forms, and giving them variety helps them grow. Their minds become stronger and their world more colourful. Crafting is also seen as a release. If they have a favourite craft or desire something new, these sites are free to use and for you all to explore and enjoy.