Fun and Frustrations with Board Games

Many centuries ago, man spent all of his time simply trying to survive. As soon as survival had been mastered and man could communicate effectively then and only then was there time to develop interesting ideas and intentions. Nowadays, no sooner a child is born then the parents are engaging the infant in some kind of play. During the early years of a child’s development, simple board games are seen as educational tools. One of our most popular board games has to be snakes and ladders; the colourful board engages and occupies the child whilst teaching them some simple learning skills.

It is possible to play snakes and ladders online and one can also download a free snakes and ladders template, both of which are good, but the traditional board with the dice and counters takes a lot of beating. The game is for children aged three and above and it is for two to four players.  The board is made up of one hundred numbered squares, some of which are decorated with pictures that are highly appealing to small children. On the game board there are a number of snakes and some ladders. Some of the snakes and ladders are short but others are much longer. The dice is thrown; if the child hits a five then he/ she moves five squares. The little one’s counter may land on the bottom rung of a ladder, in which case they climb the length of the ladder and ascend the board. But on the flip side of the coin the tot may land on the head of a snake, which means they slide their counter down the length of the slippery snake putting them at a disadvantage. The first player to reach the top of the board, the one hundredth square is declared the winner.

It takes patience to play board games with children and it certainly takes lots of time and patience to play a game of snakes and ladders. An adult who plays board games with children has to be referee and pacifier at the same time. But children can learn a lot from play, board games can help to keep children focussed, teach them to count, endeavour to make them share and help children learn that they will not necessarily win everything. Inevitably some kids will accept defeat far better than others. This board game offers lots of fun and it can be purchased for a song. Board games for kids can be picked up very cheaply from the local thrift shops.  The majority of children have a competitive streak and in general, all board games are competitive. Playing snakes and ladders with the children is fun, but it can be demanding too.