Fun Night Games for Kids

Whether entertaining boys or girls, older or younger these games are great for all occasions. The best part is that they’re easy to maintain and supervise. Group games are even enjoyable for adults to join in, so come on everyone and let’s have some fun!

When things are getting chaotic nothing rounds them up like a game of Simon Says. You are the leader and they must follow your command or they’re out. Before every command you say “Simon Says”(touch your nose, hop on one foot, mew like a cat). The object of the game is to try to throw them off when you belt out a list of commands beginning with “Simon Says” and then suddenly give them a command with out saying “Simon Says” first. Who ever gives in and follows the command that Simon did not say, is out. The last person standing is the winner and therefore becomes Simon.

Another favorite is hot potato. It doesn’t have to be a potato but any object that the kids can toss back and fourth without getting hurt. The good thing about this game is if you have a person who doesn’t want to participate, they can man the radio. Just put a CD of the kid’s favorite music on and stop it abruptly. Whoever has the “potato” when the music stops is out. If you have a very small group, you might want to do three strikes your out.

For the agile is Limbo! No need for a fancy stick or the Limbo song just grab a broom and play some lively music. The more people you get in this game the more fun it is. You start with the stick about eye level with a person holding it up at each end. You progressively lower the stick after everyone has passed under it, leaning backwards only without falling or hands touching the floor. The person that can go the lowest is the winner.

Finally our quiet games. These games involve talking only and can be done in the dark or by candlelight. The purpose is to set the mood for bedtime as well as exercise your creativity.

If you’ve got a group of kids over eight, story starter is a fun game but beware, high levels of silliness are involved here. One person starts a story and then abruptly stops and the next person continues. These stories can take you anywhere.

The younger kids can get more involved in twenty questions. Someone chooses a topic (person, place or thing) and the other kids have to ask questions to try to guess what that person is thinking of. For example” I’m thinking of an animal.” The questions that follow would help you figure out what I’m thinking of, “Is it a mammal?” Is it bigger than me? Dose it live in the water?” The person that is it can only answer yes or no. It tends to turn into 40 questions when playing with the little ones. It’s harder to guess the topic if your only allowed to ask twenty questions.

You have just survived a night with no major complications, no purchases needed beforehand and no experience necessary. And I bet you didn’t even notice how much fun you had yourself. If you are able to plan ahead of time, it’s beneficial to buy some small trinkets for the winners from a barging store. It is best to stray from giving any sweets as a reward, especially if you are looking to have an uneventful evening.