Galt Barbie Bead Bonanza

Galt toys cannot compete with the all of the electronic and computerised games that are in the shops today. Yet many of the toys produced by Galt are fun as well as educational. The Galt Barbie bead bonanza is every little girls dream. The bead set is an introduction to craft and Galt recommend it for children aged four and above.

The packaging is delightful. The thick pink paper carrier bag is decorated with a picture of a Barbie doll and an array of items that can be made from the collection of beads that lay inside of the carrier bag. The first Galt Barbie bead bonanza set bought was given as a birthday present and the second set was given to my granddaughter who pined after seeing the first bag of beads being given away! Galt toys are widely available on the Internet and in toy shops and the Barbie bead bonanza set costs around £10.

The front of the bag is so alive, busy and colourful that it cannot fail to attract young customers. Open the bag and sitting in the bottom you will see a jewellery box, a purse and a key ring. There are a good selection of beads including some very sweet picture beads. All in all the set contains around 500 beads. There are plenty of stickers too, some are holographic. Also in the bag are lengths of cord, ribbon and PVA glue and a bodkin needle to allow you to thread the small beads.

The beads are tiny so I suggested laying a large white sheet down on the top of the table before we emptied the contents of the carrier bag. The carrier bag is surprisingly large for the amount of kit that is stored inside but Galt have presented the craft kit well. The beads and stickers are a dream but they could easily go astray if they were not put away properly when they were finished with. A large plastic ice cream tub held the bits and pieces perfectly and that slid into the colourful Barbie carrier bag.

The stickers presented no problems, deciding where to put the stickers on the jewellery box was another matter. Some of the stickers need gluing on and that is why the PVA glue is supplied. However threading the bodkin did try my granddaughters patience and she became a bit frustrated. Once I had threaded the bodkin needle for her then it was all systems go, the beads were being threaded at a rate of knots. The whole beauty of this beading kit is that every necklace or bracelet that you make can be undone and remade. Hence the beads last for a long time ( if they are stored properly). Little brother had to be shooed away because the tiny beads would present a choking hazard.

Designing jewellery is skilful. The beads need to match and the colours need to co-ordinate. Once the beads are all threaded then a knot has to be tied in the cord. Children often find knots difficult and this is an opportunity for them to start learning. Threading beads takes a considerable amount of concentration, patience and dexterity. All of these skills are tested when making jewellery with the Galt Barbie beads.

The Galt Barbie bead bonanza set offers oodles of fun and it is affordable. The beads are as durable as they could possibly be and the plastic beads could be rinsed off now and again to keep them clean. The bead set would make an ideal Christmas gift for a fashion conscious young lady.