Game Lovely Kitchen Review

Lovely Kitchen is a download-able game where players assume the role of Mary the friendly waitress. Lovely kitchen is a fast-paced time management game, which can be challenging.

You can choose between casual and simulation mode in the lovely kitchen game. Casual mode is great for those people who are learning how to play the game. Simulation mode being the more challenging of the two modes is for players who are bored with the casual mode.

Customers enter the dining room and wait to have their orders taken. In the role of Mary, you need to quickly take their orders and get them fed. So have Mary bring them a Lovely Kitchen menu as quickly as you can.

Once you have taken their order, you need to hurry up and serve the guests. The quicker you serve them, the happier they will be. In the casual mode, you have the cook to help you. The handy cook will prepare all meals, once you as Mary click the dish in the cookbook.

Mary actually is more than a waitress here in Lovely kitchen she is also hostess and all around employee. Players must pay close attention to meet daily skills and to keep customers happy.

All customers come in with green smiley faces above their heads. These will slowly turn into yellow frowns if a customer is kept waiting too long. If you make them wait to long they will leave. When the restaurant is full of customers Mary will run the orders back and forth. She will try her very best to accomplish the tasks of running the front of Lovely kitchen by herself.

In order to advance the different levels in the game you must meet a money goal along with a number of happy customers. The trick to this game is making sure every customer has every menu item he or she desires, as quickly as Mary can pass it to him or her. So sit down all customers quickly and get them served as soon as you can so they will leave and the newly arriving customers are not left standing.

The graphics in the Lovely Kitchen game are a bit different. It looks like a happy little sixties restaurant. Personally, I think the kitchen part is better, as it is more eye appealing. There is music in the game but it is a looped format, which players will bore of quickly. I suggest turning off the sounds within the settings.

I think younger girls from ages 7 to 12 would enjoy this game and it would provide some thinking and reasoning skills. It would also help with hand and eye coordination.