Game Website Reviews Pogocom

This reviewer considers herself somewhat new to the whole “on-line gaming” scene. The term “on-line gaming” evokes images of expensive, risky gambling sites or blood-bathed games of war and terror. But then there’s, a gaming site for the rest of us. Some of the games include varieties of casino, bingo, mah jong, solitaire, various word games, as well as games that are unique to Pogo. There are games that allow wagering, where the players earn tokens. A gamer can use these tokens to buy clothes, backdrops, and accessories for each user’s “Pogo Mini,” an avatar that is customizable to be as accurate or as silly as you choose.

Since every user has a unique screen name, it’s possible to find new “virtual” friends on-line, or to hook-up with folks you know out in the real world for some friendly competition. In our house, we have been known to have several computers running with a family Texas Hold’em game room filled with only members of our family.

There is also a chat function that one can use to talk to others who are in the same game room that you are in, but this does pose some risk. Since these chats are relatively unmonitored, there is a possibility of obscene language or website solicitations. That being said, those incidents don’t seem to happen very often and the pros outweigh the cons with this function of the site.

On the downside, signing into can be somewhat confusing if you are sharing a computer with someone else. The login button is small and hard to locate, but as far as things to change, that is a minor deficiency.

In summary, this site is a fun way to play games on-line. There is quite a variety of games that any player should be able to find something that hooks their interest. The games are non-violent, yet have a creative sense of humor about them. If you are looking for somewhere to find non-threatening fun, is a great place to go.