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Games to Play for a Family Games Night

There are many fun games that you can play on a family game night. What you play will depend on your particular family members as well as the ages of your children. You may want to consider the following ideas.

For young children…

If you have very young children, then your games will have to be geared towards this. You may like to play the ever popular Candyland game. This has been entertaining young children for decades. Another classic for very little kids is Chutes and Ladders. Children can race against their parents up to the top, hoping for ladders and wishing away chutes. Memory is another simple game that can also be educational for children and help them to work to on their memorization skills. A lot of kids like to pretend that they are adults in the game of Life. This game has been reworked in recent years, but is as enchanting as ever. There are also many children’s versions of popular adult games.

The classics

There are many great classic games that can be perfect for family game night. Of course, many would think of Monopoly, of which there are a myriad of versions. Children can learn about money, investing and counting in this classic game of buying and selling real estate. You can also play Scrabble. This is a great way to teach children about spelling and vocabulary. The classic trivia game Trivial Pursuit is another favorite. You will find many different versions, including one that has easier questions for the children and more difficult questions for the adults, making it the ideal game for a family game night.

Party games

There are a lot of fun “party games” that would work for a family game night. Scattergories is a game of rapidly coming up with words beginning with a certain letter and falling under a category. In Pictionary, teammates have to guess what their friend’s drawn masterpieces represent. Taboo is another fun one in which people have to remember not to say certain things. You will find many other games like this.

Card games

Sometimes simplicity is the best. There are many card games such as rummy, poker, war, blackjack and more. With a simple and inexpensive deck of cards, you can have a lot of fun.

There are many great games that would work for a family game night.  You can play one game per night or have a variety of them during the same evening. The above games are some you may want to include.

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