Garden Scrapbook

Gardening can be fun for anyone.  Choosing the right plants or vegetables can be a bit overwhelming.  Why not make a scrapbook identifying what you planted, when you planted it and where you planted it.  Not only will you enjoy memories of your gardening but you will also learn over the years (and scrapbooks) what works and what doesn’t. 

Vegetable gardens are a great way to teach your kids to plant and grow their own veggies.  They are even more likely to eat them if they grow them themselves.  It can get frustrating, however, if you forget what you planted where.  As the plants start growing you might have forgotten which ones were which veggie.  Especially if you are not an avid gardener.  Creating a scrapbook and taking pictures of the plants as they grow is exciting both during and after the gardening season.

You might find that you planted certain things in the wrong area.  They might do better with more or less sunlight.  They also might do better being planted farther apart.  Gardening is a learning lesson both for parents and kids.  Taking pictures along the way is a great way to look back at great memories.

You can even put flowers from your plants right into your scrapbook.  Write about the flowers and how they grew.  What they are called and all of the details about each flower.  Actual pieces of the plants is even better than just pictures.  Take pictures of the plants from seed on and categorize each one in the scrapbook. 

You will learn all about your plants and create lovely scrapbook memories at the same time.  If you are not too crafty then just take digital pictures and fire them off to your local Walmart or Costco photo department online and they will create a beautiful digital scrapbook for you.  You can have them printed and create a collection of your gardening journey.  This way you can decide what worked and what didn’t and you will end up to be a great gardener at the same time!

Don’t forget to get pictures of all the insects involved in gardening.  Without bees and other insects, your garden wouldn’t even grow.  They are a big part of the whole process.  Just don’t get too close to them when you are taking their picture or you might end up with a sting…although you could take a picture of that too!  While you are gardening and capturing that you might want to take pictures of all the birds in your yard.  When you begin planting your garden it will likely be the same time that birds are laying their eggs and creating their nests all around you.  Take pictures of the nests and the birds and then, when the babies hatch, take pictures of them too if you can.  Instead of just a gardening scrapbook you could create a whole nature scrapbook.  Including everything you learn about that too.  You are only as limited as your own imagination.  Happy gardening and happy scrapbooking!