Gears of War Weapons Guide

Gears of War is a first person shooter that completely revolutionized the genre.  First, in Gears of War, you have to be able to read a battlefield scenario and determine where you can best find cover for a given situation.  Second, you have to determine what weapon will best suit whatever manner of bad guys you happen to be up against.  To that end, this article is designed to give you an overview of the weapons that are available for use in the game.

Starting with the sidearm that every Gear carries, the snub nose is a great weapon.  It holds fifteen rounds, and while not overly powerful, it dispenses these rounds as quickly as you can pull the trigger.  During game play, however, you can pick up an upgrade for the sidearm that you can carry.  The magnum revolver, while only able to hold six rounds, is far superior to the snub nose.  With the magnum, you can conceivably take down a Locust (Grub) with one well placed head shot, making the six rounds mean more than the fifteen that you get with the snub nose.

The work horse of the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) is the Lancer assault rifle.  You can carry 660 rounds with the Lancer, and it holds a fifty round magazine so that it needs to be reloaded fairly infrequently.   While not great at overly long distances, it more than makes up for this short coming with its medium to long range killing ability.  Also, if you wish to get up close and personal with the grubs, it sports the chainsaw bayonet.  To activate the chainsaw, press and hold the “B” button to rev it up.  As far as drawbacks, it is an instant kill that leaves you vulnerable to attack while you are using it.  So, sneaking up on a grub, killing the last grub, or as a last resort is the only time that this aspect of the weapon should be used.

There are many scenarios that happen in extremely close quarters during game play.  For these scenarios, the Gnasher pump shotgun is the way to go.  It holds ten rounds in the tube, and that gives the player the ability to send much lead at your enemies.  Also, while some locusts shoot at you, wretches don’t.  These little baddies love to get in close and personal and will kill you if you allow them inside your personal bubble.  Leaving the shot gun out of the aim mode (don’t depress the left trigger), any wretches that are close to you will be killed with one shot with this weapon.

There are situations where the player just needs to keep massive amounts of real estate between them and the grubs that are coming out of their holes.  This is where the long shot rifle comes into play.  A sniper rifle that will get you close enough to the action without actually putting you there, the long shot deals death with the sniper’s motto:  “One shot; one kill”.  A well placed head shot will drop most of what you will encounter in the game.  A few notable exceptions are boomers and general Ra’am.

The hardest hitting weapon in the COG’s arsenal, however, is the Hammer of Dawn.  The hammer of dawn is not a weapon that can be wielded by a Gear, however.  What the soldier wields is the tracking mechanism, and the hammer actually comes from the satellite above.  As a result of this, it is a rather unreliable weapon, needing clear skies and satellite alignment to work.  Therefore, you can’t use it inside, and you can’t use it on a cloudy day.  Also, as the range of the satellite is limited, you can have a cloudless day and still not be able to use it.  However, when it can be used, it is the most powerful weapon in the COG arsenal.

Another weapon that is available to Gears is the fragmentation grenade.  This looks nothing like the grenades that in use in today’s military, however.  This particular grenade looks like the old medieval spiked ball and chain, and it can be used as one in close combat also.  However, this ball and chain packs a massive explosive punch.  Throwing the grenade or sticking it to an enemy yields the same results – pieces of the grub that you targeted flying all over the place.

As with most games of this genre, these days anyway, you can also pick up your enemies weapons for use against them.  Among these weapons is the Hammerstrike assault rifle, which is the mainstay of the Locust army.  This is a plenty powerful enough weapon, but it does have one drawback.  While the trigger is fully depressed, the weapon only fires in four round bursts.  It fires these four round bursts back to back, but the pause in between bursts often gives your opponents time to find cover and get into it.

Another weapon that the grubs have that you can use is the boomshot.  This is a massively powerful weapon that delivers destruction on a grand scale, however, the sighting of the weapon takes some time to get used to.  Also, you don’t want to be using this weapon in close quarters as the blast radius will likely kill whatever is in the room, including you and your squad.

One of my favorite grub weapons is the torsion bow.  This is a crossbow style weapon that packs a devastating punch.  It shoots an arrow that sticks to your enemies and then blows up.  This weapon will take down a boomer with one shot, and it doesn’t even have to be very well placed.

There is also a mounted weapon that you can get your hands on.  This weapon is the troika.  The troika is a very powerful machine gun with seemingly infinite ammunition.  Aside from the ammunition not going away, there is no need to reload this belt fed beauty.  Also, it will turn any grub in its path into a fine red mist with just a few rounds hitting their mark.

The last weapon that is worth mentioning that you have to learn how to use is the light cannon on the vehicle that you use in one portion of the game.  The light cannon is used to destroy the Krill that are coming to stop you from getting back to your squad.  The only draw back of this weapon is the shortness of the timed burst that it emits.

The weapons in Gears of War are meant to do one thing, and that is take down the Locusts that threaten humanity.  Learning how to use them, when to use them, and how to reload them perfectly and gain the amped up ammunition is the true key to defeating the game Gears of War.