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Get a Memory Boost through Board Games

Board games are a fun way to spend time with a group of friends of family members, but they can also be used to build a variety of skills. Word games can help improve vocabulary and spelling skills, and strategy games can help build logic and planning skills. There are also several games which are designed to help improve memory.

Memory is your mind’s way of storing information. Your brain naturally records vast amounts of information as you go about your day, but this information is only useful if you are able to recall it when needed. This ability to recall information is what people are really talking about when they want to improve their memory.

Board games can help improve memory by encouraging you to recall bits of previously learned information. They can also improve your short-term memory by presenting new information and then asking you to recall what you were just shown. The latter type of games are what most people associate with memory improvement.

When looking to improve your memory, try one of these games:

1. Original Memory – The Original Memory game is a classic game for young children. It comes with a stack of cards that includes two of each picture. To play, simply lay the cards face down in a grid pattern. On each turn players attempt to make a match by turning two cards over. Cards that do not match are flipped back. Players try to remember where the cards appeared, making it easier to make future matches.

2. Stare! – Stare! is a board game that puts your memory, and your attention to detail, to the test. On each turn, a player is shown a picture for a set amount of time. The picture is then taken away, and the player has to answer a question about what was pictured. It seems easy, until it’s your turn! (Stare! Jr. is also available for younger players.)

3. Trivial Pursuit – With dozens of versions to choose from, Trivial Pursuit appeals to players with a variety of interests. During the game, players move around the board answering trivia questions in six different categories. Successfully dredging up bits of previously learned knowledge will help you win the game, but just playing will improve your memory. Even when you get a question wrong, hearing an answer that you once knew but had forgotten will strengthen your ability to recall that same fact in the future.

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