Gm Nightmares and how to Avoid them

In every group of gamers in the entire world, you will find at least one that has a horror story about a game master, dungeon master, storyteller or whatever title that a person has chosen for themselves.

Everything from nightmare players and scenarios, to power hungry, selfish game masters with a vengeance.

I myself have a gang of stories that I can pull out at any time full of the terrors of gaming.

Here I have engendered to help other gamers avoid the Nightmare GM.

First of all, it’s always a good idea to know the people that you are playing with. Not that just knowing someone is going to keep them from being a jerk, its just that there will be less surprises with known individuals.

If don’t know anyone that games, the local gaming/comic bookstore is a good place to start. They often have on going games in the store, which is a public, well light place where its unlikely that you’re going to get tied up and stuck in the basement by freaks.

Newbie’s should stick with smaller games, where the DM will have more time to answer questions, but don’t be afraid to try larger games when you are more comfortable with the rules of your chosen game.

If your local gaming store doesn’t have an on going game that you are interested in joining, there is never any harm in asking around about local games in peoples homes. If that isn’t an option by all means, start your own game.

The internet is a good resource, MUDs and MOOs are alot of fun, and there are dozens of other role playing options that are free, safe and fun. Just remember to put the same thought into choosing gaming partners online as you would with dating online.

In addition, remember that a GM is just a person, and if you as a gamer have questions or concerns about the game that you are involved in, just take them aside during a break in play and ask them.

Being a DM is a lot of responsibility, but when that person is dedicated to making sure that each of his or her players are enjoying themselves in a safe environment it makes even the most inexperienced GM’s great ones.