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Grand Theft Auto Iii to be Released on Phones and Tablets

For players of the old Sony PlayStation 2 gaming system, one of the biggest hits on there was the Grand Theft Auto game.  It was sort of a precursor to all of the mafia/gangster type of video games that have become popular since the game debuted 10 years ago.  Through that period of time, the Grand Theft Auto series has become one of the most successful in history.  It leaves one to wonder what they might do for an encore.  How about trying another platform?

That does not mean that the game is switching distributors or moving to another gaming system.  It means that the next incarnation of the game can be found for download to smartphones and tablets.  That’s right, Grand Theft Auto, 10 year Anniversary edition will be making its debut on this new equipment come December 15th.  It will be available for all Grand Theft fanatics for the low price of $4.99.

Now it is not entirely correct that this is the first time that the game has appeared outside of the normal gaming system setups.  A previous version of the game (Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars) has been available to the public, but only through the Apple App Store.  Now with this 10 year anniversary edition, the game will make its eagerly awaited debut on the Android platform.  That will certainly be welcome news to Android owners who are looking for the same kinds of choices Apple owners are given.

The game, which is rated for mature audiences only, is one of the staples of the Sony PlayStation brand.  However, what many gamers might be wondering is how in the world the game will be played without the help of the trusty controller that was used with PlayStation.  Well according to a CNN article, users will now have to tap on-screen buttons to switch between weapons of their choosing.

For the Android system, both tablets and smartphones will be able to get the game, but you will have to go the Rockstar website to find out which equipment will be able to get it.  Rockstar is the manufacturer of the Grand Theft Auto series.  If you’re an Apple person, well the game will be just about everywhere.  The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch all can download the game.  In particular, the iPhone 4 and 4s will be compatible, as well as the most recent iPod Touch.

This should be another profit generator for Rockstar.  Some have felt that the Grand Theft series was getting to be a bit old school. Now that they have reached out to these other platforms, they probably have guaranteed a nice share of the marketplace for at least another couple of years.  For the gamer, it will be fun to see if they can be as adept on the phone as they were on their gaming system. 

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