Great Books for Jewelry Makers and Beaders

There are a number of crafting books that are great for people who love jewelry and beads. In this article, I’d like to give you an overview of some that have come highly recommended.

One Big Beautiful Bead: Simple Jewelry with Focal Beads by Sara McConnell is a 112 page hardcover book. There are 24 designs to choose from in this book. Populasr techniques are used such as the free peyote stitch and Dutch spiral. This book is good enough to even teach a beginner lessons on making jewelry using beads.

Designing Jewelry with Glass Beads by Stephanie Sersich is another good investment. The book begins with a history on the making of glass beads. The book centers around subjects like reptition, balance, contrast, texture, and color. There are many great projects in the book such as Tinkerbell Drops for one, and another good one is the wirework brooch. There are 20 projects total. There are 128 pages and the book is in paperback format. The book has a glossary of terms.

Teach Yourself Visually: Jewelry Making and Beading by Chris Franchetti Michaels is another highly recommended book. It gives you a rundown of all the beads and beading supplies you need to get started on projects. So the first part of the book serves as an introductory phase. The second chapter of the book is focused on the art of design. Chapter 3 is teaching you more about bead stringing techniques, and Chapter 4 covers more advanced bead stringing techniques. Other chapters go on to discuss bead weaving and basic wirework. This is a source that I think personally is great to learn from if you are starting this craft type. It is 304 pages in paperback.

Jewelry Making and Beading for Dummies by Heather Dismore is another great resource to turn to for making jewelry from beads. The first part of the book is an introduction to the craft while other sections cover things like the various techniques and tools you’ll need to be successful. It tells you how to work with pearls, beads, crystals, and stones and getting yourself acquainted with the types of beads and how to work with them. Many tips are also given on setting up your jewelry crafting workshop. The book is 360 pages in paperback format. The step-by-step in this book makes it easy to understand and has you creating many different types of projects as well.

Getting Started Stringing Beads by Jean Campbell is a hardcover book which is part of a series. She gives you several neat ideas in 96 pages and is geared to the beginner just starting this craft. Jean also talks about getting your supplies, how to select them, and gives you 25 projects to start working on.

Findings and Finishings by Sharon Bateman is part of the beadwork how-to series. It is in paperback format and the author Bateman talks about the basic supplies you’ll need to get started creating projects. There are several photographs in this book and the book has a large section about working with seed beads. This book is 128 pages total.

These are not all of the books of course, as it would be impossible to name each great one. But the books I named here cover some of the best and are most highly recommended. You can find them at your local bookstore or craft store. If not, go to to purchase.