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Great Ideas for Making new Clothes from old ones

Many people have old clothing that they no longer use or which has stains.  There are many different ways that you can transform old clothing into new ones.  Consider the following ideas.

Wedding dress into baby dresses

A lot of women do not know what to do with their wedding dresses once they have worn them.  They may rather have them get some use than just sit in a box forever.  One idea is to use the fabric to make some dresses for little babies or little girls.  Some will use it for an outfit for a baby for a baptism.  Others will just make it into a pretty little dress for a girl.  If you have several daughters then you can make one for each so they will each have something special.

Make shorts from pants

You may have an old pair of pants that have just gotten torn up around the knees and legs.  Those parts of the pants can get holes in them very quickly.  Instead of throwing them away you can easily make shorts out of them.  Simply cut out the bottom part of the pant to the desired length of your shorts.  You then just need to hem them or you can even leave them as cut-offs.  This can give them a new life.

Make two shirts into one

You may have an old long sleeve shirt that is stained in parts or that you no longer need.  You can cut out the sleeves from it and sew it in to a short sleeve shirt.  You can then keep a part of the old shirt that you loved with a new creation.  It can also turn an ordinary short sleeve t-shirt into something that is much more interesting. 

Make a child’s dress out of an out of style dress

You may not quite believe that you ever wore some of the clothing in your closet.   You may have a large old tie dye dress for instance.  If you have something that you know you would never wear again then you might be able to take the fabric and make it into a simple pillowcase dress for your daughter.  These are very simple to make with a large piece of fabric and a couple of ribbons.

Do not just throw out your old clothing.  Instead transform them into new and wonderful outfits.  Try the above ideas with your clothes.

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