Great Toys for a Child who wants to be an Astronaut

If your child wants to be the next Neil Armstrong, then you can get a great toy to fuel his or her interest. There are many toys that will work for budding astronauts of different age levels and skills. You can get him or her a variety of these toys.

Space shuttle model

You can get a miniature space shuttle for him or her to play with. They make many versions. You could get a small shuttle on wheels for a young toddler. He or she can pretend to be flying it. For older children you can get a more realistic model. For instance, you could get the Revell Space Shuttle With Fuel Tank And Boosters.


If your child likes to build, you can get a Lego set that makes a space shuttle. For instance, you could get the Lego Space Shuttle 3367. This set has 231 pieces and includes a little astronaut dressed in a spacesuit. The cargo bay doors open, and it  includes a tiny Hubble telescope. It is recommended for children who are 5 to 12 years in age. Alternatively, you could also get some Legos that the child can use to put together a space shuttle.

Child’s telescope

Let your child explore the stars by getting him or her a toy telescope. They make some specifically for young children that work. You can get an age-appropriate book to go with it to start explaining the mysteries of the universe to your little astronaut.

Astronaut costume set

Let your child pretend that he or she is an astronaut. You can do this with a costume that looks like a spacesuit. Many different versions for children of all ages are available. He or she can pretend to explore the stars while in the comfort of home.

“Star Trek”/”Star Wars” toys

There are a great many toys that are related to “Star Wars” and “Star Trek.” Both of these iconic enterprises are all about soaring through space. You can look for a small character such as one of Luke Skywalker. You can look for a model of the Starship Enterprise. From characters to playsets to everything in between you will find plenty of toys that budding astronauts might enjoy.

Many children dream of soaring through the stars and exploring space. Get your child an appropriate toy to help him or her explore this interest.