Great Toys for Adults and Kids to Play together

It is very important for parents and adult family members to spend quality time with children. This can help form bonds. Of course an adult can play with any toy with a child, but there are certain toys that lend themselves better to this. These include the following toys.


Many children like to build and then play with models. There are many different models of planes, boats and other vehicles. A grandfather might want to build a model plane with a grandson of a plane he actually flew, for instance. Once the model is done it can be a fun toy to play with or something beautiful to display. You can also get or make a model plane that actually flies.


Both adults and children often enjoy playing with kites. These are great to do on a windy day. You can also take it to the beach or another windy spot.

Sports toys

There are many sports toys that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. For instance, kids can throw a ball with their parents. You can play basketball with a hoop or play a game of soccer or baseball.


A Frisbee is a toy that everyone can enjoy playing with. This makes a fun game that you can take on picnics or just in the backyard.


There are many Lego sets that could be put together by both a child and an adult. These come in all different sets, some for little kids and some for much older children and adults. Get something both will enjoy.  

Race cars/planes

There are many different types of race cars you can get. You can get a set with a track and race the two. You can also get remote control cars that you can race. You can also get a train set. Many kids and adults like putting together model train sets among little villages.


Many little girls enjoy playing pretend with little dolls. An adult can play pretend with these dolls with her. You can help her make a dollhouse.

Tea party

Many little girls enjoy having a tea party with their loved ones. You can buy a little pretend teach party set. The little girl can serve for two.

There are many toys that can be played with by both children and adults. The most important thing is to spend quality time together.