Great Toys for both Genders

If you want a toy that is made for both boys and girls, then you will have many different choices. You want something that both children will enjoy and neither will feel is too much toward the other gender. Consider the following ideas.

There are many different pretend toys that are good for both boys and girls. For instance, they make playhouses that allow children to pretend that they have their own homes. These come in many different forms and with different features. For instance, some of them make noise or have a sports feature such as a basketball hoop or a soccer net. Some look like a firehouse.

There are smaller pretend toys that can be good for both girls and boys. For instance, they make many doctor’s kits. Both boys and girls like to pretend to be doctors. They offer science kits, as well.

They make many toy laptops that can teach children concepts like numbers and letters. These often come in gender neutral colors. You will also find pretend phones that make noise and make the child feel like he or she has his or her very own phone.  They make toy keys.

Many toddler toys are gender-neutral. These include play mailboxes and rattles. Teething toys are also gender-neutral.

There are many sports toys that both girls and boys would enjoy. For instance, you can buy a volleyball net or a soccer net. These come for children of all different ages, from young toddlers all the way to teenagers.

Ride-on toys come in gender-neutral versions. Kids love these motorized vehicles. They even make some that have room for two so that both a girl and a boy can use it at the same time.

Lego sets are great toys for both girls and boys. This will depend on the set, of course, because some of them are gender-specific but some will work for both genders equally. You can also just get general blocks for children to play with. This includes blocks and other things for younger kids.

Some play sets are made for both boys and girls. For instance, you can get a Mickey Mouse playhouse set. This will often come with both girl and boy characters such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

There are a lot of great gender-neutral toys. These can be appropriate if you are getting a gift for both a girl and a boy to share.