Great Toys for Kids to Share

It is very important for children to share. One way to encourage sharing is to get cooperative toys. This also is good because most people do not have room in the home for two of every toy. There are certain toys that are great for kids to share.


A dollhouse is a great toy for little girls to share. In fact, it is easier to play with two because they can make the toys talk to each other. There are many beautiful dollhouses that you can buy, from very large ones to small versions. You can also make one for a special heirloom piece.

Even without the dollhouse, dolls in general can be great for kids to share. They can make the dolls talk to each other. You can get Barbie dolls or small characters.

Play kitchen

A play kitchen can be a great toy for kids to share. Many of these have a variety of parts to them, so the kids can work together to “cook” a delicious meal. One can work the stove while the other is cooking in the microwave. They can even put together a little restaurant for the family.

Ride-on toy for two

Some toys are specifically made for two. For instance, you can get a ride-on toy that has two seats. This can be motorized, and they can cruise together.


There are many large playhouses by companies such as Little Tikes. These are great for kids to play house in. The kids can pretend that they are little adults in their own home. There are many versions and some of them have extra features. For instance, some houses have a basketball hoop or a soccer net in them.

Sports toy

A sports toy is something that is often played best with two children. For instance, you can get a ping-pong table or an air hockey table. You can get a basketball hoop or a set so that they can play baseball, soccer or volleyball. They make these for children of all ages.


Of course a walkie-talkie is made for two people. They make many versions, including some that are worn as necklaces or on wrists. These range in how well they work, but they can be perfect for two kids to play together.

There are many great toys that can be enjoyed by two children. Look at the above ideas.