Great Toys when you want Quiet

You may have had enough of toys that bang, sound sirens, talk and make other noises. Many toys are extremely loud and can make your child hyper and give you a headache. There are a number of toys that are good for quiet time.


Children are often relatively quiet and calm when they play with dolls. They may take care of them or quietly play with each other. There are many different types of dolls that you can buy. Barbie dolls are popular. You can get smaller characters like Little People, which are great for younger kids. The Disney Store sells many figurines of their different characters such as Mickey Mouse and the Disney princesses. Of course you can also get a baby doll for the child to take care of. Stuffed animals of different animals are also common.

There are many toys that go along with these dolls that can provide for a quiet playtime. For instance, you can get a dollhouse that the little girl(s) can play with. They make many different types, from small to large and inexpensive to expensive. You can also buy little furniture and other furnishings to go into the dollhouse as well as clothing for the dolls. The little girl can quietly give the little dolls different outfits.

Legos/blocks/building toys

Many boys and girls enjoy building things, and this can be a quiet toy. For instance, you can get him or her a Lego set. There are many different sets made for all different ages of children, starting at ages 3 and older. You can also get building blocks or larger plastic blocks that seem like Legos. The children can build whatever they want, from castles to forts and more.

Pretend play toys

There are many great pretend play toys that kids can play quietly on their own or with a friend. You can get a play kitchen, for instance. You can get a playhouse so that they can pretend. Some of these do make noise, however, so you have to see how much noise he or she makes when playing with it.

Craft kit

A craft kit is a great toy that allows a child to explore his or her creativity quietly. There are many different craft kits made for different ages of children. Some of them involve making jewelry, scrapbooks or other nice objects.

There are many toys that are perfect for a quiet playtime. You can use these when you want your child to remain calm and collected.