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Great Ways to Teach a Child about Art

It is important to teach children about art.  This is a significant subject, and learning about art can help your child develop his or her own creativity.  There are different ways to do this and the methods you choose will depend on your child’s personality as well as his or her age.  The following are some great ways to teach a child about art.

Take your child to an art museum

An art museum can let you child see beautiful works of art.  There are many such museums in many areas of the globe.  Many have a great variety of pieces so that you can show your child different styles of art.  When going through the museum you can talk to your child about the art, as well as the artist.  You can get your child to give his or her opinion on the different pieces so that he or she can get actively involved.

In addition to adult museums, there are some children’s museums with art as the main stage.  One such museum is the Young at Art Children’s Museum in Davie, Florida. There children learn about art in hands-on activities.  There are other similar museums in other areas as well.

Put up artwork around the house

A child can learn about art by being constantly surrounded by it.  You can put up different pieces around the house.  You can put up original pieces or prints of famous pieces.  You can pick a particular style or put up all different types.

Let your child create his or her own art

A lot of times children learn best by doing.  You should let your children create their own art.  You can let them just do this freestyle or let them try to recreate a specific style.  You will probably want to try a combination of these methods.  You could try different methods of art such as painting, drawing, sculpting and more.  You could even break it down further within these such as painting with different types of paint.  You can have them paint pictures or other items.  These can be something that they could keep or give away as gifts.

Have books about art

There are many books about art that might be interesting to a child.  You can buy some of these for the children and you to look at together.

Sign your child up for an art class

There are different art classes, both in school and in the community, which might be beneficial to your child.   These usually go by an age range.

Learning about art is important for children of all ages.  Try the above methods to teach this important lesson.

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