Gta Chinatown Wars Review

GTA Chinatown Wars was a highly anticipated video game for the Nintendo DS and used a bird’s eye view gameplay which hadn’t been used since the first two GTAs for the PC. The jump back to the past may have seemed like a poor decision for RockStar Games because The Lost and the Damned should have completely shadowed Chinatown Wars. However it certainly wasn’t. The use of the bird’s eye view for the DS was an excellent choice because it allowed the game to go more in depth with its story about the Chinese Triads and for lots of bonus mini games on the side to be made. After all, the DS here isn’t able to process as much memory and information as an Xbox360, so the toning down of the graphics was a definite plus. Overall, Chinatown Wars was an incredible success in the DS gaming industry and deserves much praise for its creativity, music, story, and overall gameplay.

The game’s general presentation deserves a serious “WOW.” The graphics may not be a step-up from any of the other DS titles, but pretty much everything else is just a lot of fun. Stealing cars, killing cops, and trading drugs are all there as they always have been in the GTA series and it’s all incredibly entertaining despite having the bird’s eye view rather than a third person behind-the-back view. Watching police cars explode after doing a sharp turn while running from them has never been so fun because of the toony mini cops that run out in flames. The whole comic-like graphics simply add so much more amusement into the game where in the 3D installments of GTA, committing crimes was a more serious matter. Only an occasional laugh could be heard when playing the Xbox version, but here on the DS comedy is abundant and it’s all thanks to the cheesy graphics that make this game so great. The overall presentation deserves a 9/10.

Now on to the music and sounds of the game. Unrealistic explosions can be heard when crashing head on into another car with your own. Then the generic bullet firing sounds are nothing special as they are the common rat-tat of an assault rifle or a pistol that are found in every single other shooter game. On the other hand the screams of the people even though most would find that disturbing. Although unrealistic when firing bullets upon a crowd of people, the high-pitched squealing that they yell out is priceless. Besides that, the sound effects in general are rather generic like a police siren to a car’s revving motor. While the sound effects are the commonplace, the music is also poorly done. The music is only heard when the radio is turned on inside a car. And this music is rather drab. It has around 5 different channels to choose from and the only music available is rap and jazz. All in all, the sounds in Chinatown Wars were rather disappointing. The music and sounds earn a 6/10.

Next it’s time to rate the story. Pretty much the main character’s father is killed, so he goes to his uncle to deliver a family heirloom. Unfortunately for him, the heirloom, which is a sword, is stolen. Then the main character has to find the sword and his father’s killer. In doing so he meets four Triad members that intend to become the next Triad leader and he must help them do so. And finally in the end it turns out one of the members he had worked for was the murderer and the main character is able to gain his revenge. As you can see the story is rather unique and interesting. However, the gameplay doesn’t focus entirely on the story. Although the story still does delve rather deeply into the story, it’s still not enough to call GTA Chinatown Wars a storytelling video game. Overall the story deserves a 7/10.

Last, but definitely not least the gameplay is to be judged. Every GTA revolves entirely around the fun extra things available to do when not working on the main story. Here in Chinatown Wars there are just so many additional activities out in Liberty City. It’s possible to drive a taxi, a fire truck, a police car, an ambulance, and a tank while doing all the activities assigned to them such as getting fares, putting out fires, stopping criminals, and blowing up everything in your path respectively. These are but a few of them. GTA Chinatown Wars just has so much out there to do outside of the main quests that I can’t list them all at once. The gameplay receives a 10/10.

In conclusion, GTA Chinatown earns an average of 8/10. However with a perfect score in gameplay, Chinatown Wars is one of the few DS games that can be played on and on because of the bonus extras that come with it. GTA Chinatown Wars is a must have for all Nintendo DS owners.