Guess who to Play or not to Play Board Game Review

Ever wanted a to play a board game everyone could enjoy? Guess Who is a great game for children and adults to play. The game is fairly simple yet very entertaining for children six years old or older.

The game is a 2-player guessing game that can be played between a child and another child, a child and an adult/ teen or even adult/ teen vs. adult/ teen! In the board game, each player has a plastic device with 20 little card with the faces of a character on each. Each player has to pics a large card ,from the deck, with a character’s face on it. Each character is very unique yet similar to another character and each character has a name.

The players take turns asking questions about the other player character’s face card.  You flip down or leave up the faces on your device/ board based of the clues the other player gives you.

Example 1: (You) “Do they have green eyes?” 

                     (Opponent’s answer)  “Yes!”

In that case, all the little card on the board/ device with characters with green eyes stay up but all the character without green eyes get flipped down.

Example 2: (You) “Are they waring a hat?” 

                     (Opponent’s answer) “No.”

In that case, every character’s card that ‘does’ have a hat should be flipped down while the ones that are not waring a hat remain facing you.

The goal of the game is to figure out who the players character is by process of elimination. This game is a brain puzzle that can be played between a young child and an adult neither having an advantage over the other. Because the game does not have any small pieces or markers and each player has their own board the game can be played almost anywhere, such as on an airplane, in a car, on a table on, the floor, outside, or even over the telephone. if you are looking for a game to play with your son, daughter, younger sibling or child you babysit this game is a great choice. Besides being fun for all ages it is also fun for both genders.

You can play this game for a long time without you or the child getting bored or sick of it.  The game never gets old and is very fun to play. Who would have guessed such a simple game could be entertain such a wide variety of people? So next time you baby sit, go on a road trip, or fly with a child at least six years old, try “Guess Who” to help pass the time for you and a youngster.