Guide to Professional and Amateur Dart Games from around the World

Aim shoot- bulls-eye!

A centuries old game of darts is usually played casually, for recreational purposes among friends in pubs, bars, club houses or private homes. However in today’s world darts game is gaining more and more recognition, being represented from such international governing bodies as “Professional Darts Council (PDC)”.

Most popular professional darts matches are “501 up”, and “301”.. Those are actually some of the simplest dart games, with ordinary rules and their objective is reducing the number of points to zero.

Many other popular darts games exist and the one thing that all of them have in common is a simple fact that darts are thrown at the circular target. Methods for counting the scores depend on the game played, although among recreational dart players there is an good old custom that when in doubt local, house rules, always apply.


* “Round the Clock”,
* “Killer”
* “Cricket”
* “Mulligan”
* “Bingo”
* “Baseball”
* “Call Three”
* “Scram”
* “51 in Fives”
* “Shove Ha’Penny”


“Round the Clock” is a popular and fast dart game, and it can be played by two or more players.

The goal is to hit the numbers on the board according to their correct order (first 1, then 2, 3, 4 etc finishing with hitting the bulls-eye, which is worth 25), and to accomplish doing so sooner then your opponents. Players cannot proceed on to the next number until they have successfully scored the previous one. Double and triple hits are not counting.


In the popular and swift darts game called “Killer” any number of players can participate.

In the dart game “Killer” players owns’ certain, previously agreed upon, number on the dart board. Players compete to hit their number as often as they can, building lives’, until they reach the so called threshold’. Threshold is usually reached after four or six hits. When they reach the threshold for their number, players attempt on killing’ other players by hitting their numbers. The winner is the last player left.


“Cricket” is one of the most commonly played darts games. It can be played by two players or two teams.

Players have to close’ the numbers 15 to 20, or B to C, by hitting each of them three times. Note that a double’ plus an ordinary hit is also counted as three hits, which equals closing the number.
During the match players take turns throwing three darts at any chosen number in order to be the ones to close’ it first. After one player closes’ the number any dart that hits that particular number counts as a point given to the player who first closed it. Winner is a player (or team) that first succeeds in closing’ all the numbers, earning equal or more points than their opponent.


“Mulligan” is one of the favorite dart games for advanced players because it requires a lot of skill. It can be played by two or more players.

Before the start of the game six random numbers are chosen as targets by the participants in the game. The players must race in closing’, or hitting the number three times, according to the established order. The player who closes the bulls-eye is a winner.


“Bingo” darts game works on the same principles used in the actual bingo game and it is pretty exciting game that can be played by any number of players.

Before the game begins players must prepare a balls of paper with numbers from 1 to 20 written on them. Those paper balls are then placed in some sort of a container and drawn out randomly by a person appointed to be an umpire.
Every player is allowed to throw only one dart per turn. Every turn a number is drawn and the player tries to score that same number on the board. In order to win player has to hit drawn number six times.


“Baseball” is an interesting and unique darts game that can be played by two players or two teams.

In the “Baseball” game numbers from 1 to 9 are shoot consecutively and they serve as the innings that have to be scored for the match. Players have to compete in batting’ for runs by hitting the corresponding number. In each turn player is allowed three darts, which means that he can score maximum of nine runs during every turn. A double hit is worth two runs, and triple equals three runs
Winning is determined by scoring the most runs in the game.


“Call Three” is a darts game that requires a great precision and it can be played by more than two players at the time.

“Call Three” is played in ten rounds and the rule is that opposite player decides what numbers the shooting player has to shoot and in what order. The same numbers may be called over and over again, which makes the whole game trickier. If the bulls-eye is called outer layer counts as two points and inner brings three.
Winner is the player with the higher number of points after ten rounds of the game.


“Scram” is popular game played by two players.

Firstly the players decide who is the scorer’ and who is the stopper’. Stopper’ is the player who shoots first, stopping the numbers on the board when he hits them with his darts, so that they don’t count when hit by scorer’. Game is played in two rounds, and every round is played in two parts: first stopper’ shoots to stop the numbers and then shoots the scorer’, second part is reversed, in the sense that ‘scorer’ now acts as ‘stopper’. A round is finished, and winner is declared when all the numbers on the board are being stopped.


More than two players can play “51 in fives” and although basic rules apply to this darts game the trick is in counting the score.

Players race to get the score of 55, but the counting of score involves some addition and division. When his or hers turn comes the player must land three darts in such a manner to yield a score divisible by five because only such scores are recorded. Double and triple scores also apply.
By the end of the game if any of the scores go higher then 51 the bust is declared and the players have to repeat the whole game.


“Shove ha’Penny” is the game of darts known to be very simple and fun. It can be played by two or more players.

Players race each other to closing’ same number, counting from 1 to 9. Players are allowed no more than three counts to close the number. If the number is closed in less ten three counts the extra count goes to the opponent. Exception is the case when the extra count cannot be given to the opponent because that would provide him or her the last points needed to win the game. Winner is the player who first closes all the numbers in any order.

There are many more interesting varieties of darts game that may wary in game rules and scoring methods but one thing is sure: darts are fun to play whether you are beginner or a pro practicing to win next championship.