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Guide to Weapons of Runescape

Runescape is home to several different combat styles. Players will find themselves approaching combat in the style of melee, range or magic. Due to the number of different combat styles, there are a number of different weapon styles to go with them. The following is a guide to combat weapons in Runescape.

Swords and scimitars

The main weapon form in Runescape is swords and scimitars. Long swords are slightly more powerful than scimitars, but scimitars are slightly quicker and more accurate. Players regularly switch between the dragon scimitar and dragon long sword for the sake of the special attack. There are a number of other swords in the game such as short swords and special swords such as the Chaotic Rapier and the Knight’s Sword. The most powerful sword kind in the game, the God Swords, are some of the most expensive and most sought after items in the game.

Daggers and claws

Daggers and claws are the speediest weapons in the game. Their special attacks can be lethal and in the case of dragon daggers and dragon claws, they can be incredibly powerful in all aspects of combat. Dragon claws are incredibly expensive for are favored among player killers for their lethal, deadly attacks.

Bows and range weapons

There are a number of bows in the game. One of the most used is the magic short bow for its speed and precision. Karil’s Crossbow is a special kind of bow from the Barrows mini game. Players can also use a number of other range weapons including throwing knives, darts and javelins. Crystal bows, dark bows, God bows and the zaryte bow are all powerful too.

Special weapons

There are a number of special weapons in the game. The abyssal whip is a drop from the abyssal demon slayer monsters and is incredibly powerful An upcoming July 2011 release will see an attachment making it known as the “vine whip” which will make it even more powerful and add the ability to poison. Other special weapons include the granite maul which has a powerful and speedy special attack. Vesta’s weaponry and chaotic weaponry are all incredibly powerful too.

Runescape caters to the combat needs of so many different players. Whether you choose to play as a melee warrior, a range precise or a rune mage, the game will give you a vast number of different combat weapon types to allow you to enjoy the game in your own customized style. Many of the weapons in the game are very expensive due to their power and their high demand, but others can be gotten easily for reasonable prices. Find the best weapon in Runescape for you.

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