Helicopter Skiing

Explore the Most Amazing Slopes Helicopter Skiing in Chilean Patagonia!

Patagonia is one of the most exotic and admirable sites you can ever visit. Just look for “Patagonia” on Google and see photos of the incredible view and impressive vista. How about helicopter skiing on those incredible and unexplored slopes? Want to be one of the few advantaged to admire the wildlife and the natural scene live and not through pictures while doing what you enjoy the most -skiing? Then Heli Patagonia has the solution for you: helicopter skiing at Chilean Patagonia.

Why do tourists come to practice helicopter skiing at Patagonia? When you go helicopter skiing it’s not only to ski: you want to do new stuff, wish to tour exotic and pure mountains, you want the malleable, impalpable snow you can’t find at large ski centers. And that is just what we have to give. Appreciate eight days in classical Chilean hostels, having the best high class gastronomic cuisine and knowing paradise on earth.

Relax and enjoy

Urban life can be exhausting. We are aware of that just as you are. Once you place your first step on Patagonian soil, however, you’ll lose sight of about the everyday routine, excessive traffic in rush hours, the high volume of the megalopolis. An exquisite breeze will smoothly stroke your hair as you stroll to the moving vehicle that carries you to the lodge: then you’ll know you’ve made the perfect decision. These holidays will be exceptional.

Either if you wish to spend them by yourself, with your couple or with the whole family, Heli Patagonia will arrange the most suitable pack for you. The main entertainment, no doubt, will be helicopter skiing, so you’ll have six entire days full of action, rambling new areas. Our helicopter will fly you over to the tops of the most fabulous mountains in the Andes and you will be free to ride their steep slopes on your skis or snowboard.

Become the champion

Helicopter skiing is an extreme sport. If you are thinking about practicing it, you are probably an capable skier or snowboarder. Doing it on the steep slopes Patagonia offers will clearly be a test. Once you do it, you’ll find traditional slopes slow and without character. And you’ll want to come back!

Our tours allow for professional guides that will assure you have the best time and as well guide you over to the matchless options. You’ll only need to take care of developing your execution and becoming an ace. And when you come back to the lodge, worn out after an entire day helicopter skiing, you can taste some delicate Chilean cooking or read some poetry by the stove.

So go on, click through our site and find more about this incredible experience. If you are passionate about skiing or snowboarding, you will for sure enjoy helicopter skiing!

Helicopter skiing