Help Children Enjoy Education in their Spare Time

What a lot of parents don’t realize is how educational globe style jigsaw puzzles are for children. They are fun, but they’re more than that.

The educational value of these puzzles takes on several forms. It’s certainly worthwhile looking into them as an alternative for the child, based on their age and capability, since the puzzle come in formats from 24 pieces for children from 4 years old, right up to adult sized globes having 540 pieces. Ravensburger have made these user friendly and exceptionally good value from an entertainment point of view as well as an educational one.


One of the main values of puzzles or globe style jigsaws is that they encourage dexterity, and motor control of the hands and fingers. A child who is normally not engaged in such concentrated efforts may find it trying at first, but with perseverance can be encouraged to finish the puzzle. Coming in many different pictures styles, choosing those which interest the child is certainly a factor to consider since they will enjoy using their hands to hold and press the pieces together.


This is another good quality for the child to learn from an educational stance. The child who has the patience to finish the puzzle learns concentration skills, which will help them in the classroom environment. It takes a lot to sort out the pieces and to work in a set order. The child should be encouraged and, if necessary, shown how to sort the pieces into colors so that they can also learn how those pieces fit together easily. Show them the images and let them see the box cover, since this gives them clues as to what pieces they need to find. Unlike rectangular jigsaws, these globe shapes are placed together to form an actual globe and that’s part of the fun.

Numbers and colors

Younger children can learn their numbers and this is reinforced easily by puzzle balls as each piece is numbered. Set up in sequence, the child is able to find their pieces easily and put the globe together. The younger styles of globe style jigsaw puzzles show the children the numbers from one to twenty four, and helping the child recognize the numbers and see what each of them looks like can be educational in itself. If you doubt the child’s ability to know the correct sequence and to reinforce numbers and numerical order, write out the numbers in bold felt tipped pen on a sheet of paper in the correct sequence. Let the child follow that sequence on their own to discover the numbers for themselves. This treasure hunt for the right piece is encouraging for them and what they learn in the process is which number goes where.

Colors and shades, pictures and images are all part and parcel of the jigsaw experience, even on flat jigsaw puzzles. Helping young children to learn the colors, the parent can encourage the child to lay the pieces out according to their colors, so as to find pieces more easily. The parent can also repeat the name of the color, or ask a child to pass a piece of a certain color, thus reinforcing their understanding of color. Vary from the primary colors by adding more descriptive colors if the child already has a basic understanding of primary colors.

Learning more about the world and nature

Many of the puzzles available in globe format gives children a great insight into nature. Look for those which feature different birds, fish and animals which are known to be of interest to a child. Then, when the ball is complete, the child can help to identify the different species. The globe which features a three dimensional map of the world can be a great learning tool for children who study geography, and can be kept complete in their bedroom. In fact, old world style puzzles are available and can be compared to modern world styles, giving the child a better understanding of how the world has changed.

Globe style jigsaw puzzles take a child away from computer screens, if only for a short while, and into a world where pieces are put together to form something tangible that they can hold in their hand as a reward for achievement. For all ages and interests, globe style jigsaw puzzles offer great value, and can be taken apart and put back into the box for another day, once the child has achieved their goal of assembling the globe. Adults can also join in of course, though the educational value of the puzzles as well as the entertainment value really can’t be over-emphasized.