Hospital Hustle

One needs not look further than the title to know exactly what Hospital Hustle has to offer. It is another in a long line of tedious redundant “Work” games, where players take on the role of someone starting, or working in a business. The creators try to glorify a job by making it cartoonish. All players really get, is wasted time. In the case of Hospital Hustle, players waste time, where else, but in a hospital. Taking on the role of Sarah, the nurse, players are responsible for moving patients to various stations, picking up and delivering charts, and oh yeah, cleaning up. Doesn’t that sound like so much fun?

• Gameplay 

The learning curve is zero for anyone who has ever played a game like this before. For newbies, the curve will be between three and four minutes. Skills do not extend beyond point and click, unless of course, you count dragging. The tasks to be performed are very straightforward, and very boring. In short, you look for bubbles over patients’ heads, and click on the thing that looks like the bubble. The demo version of Hospital Hustle only had the regular play mode. The full version, however, contains endless play. This of course would remove the one reward of the game, completing a stage.

• Graphics 

Visually, Hospital Hustle lies somewhere between awkward and terrible. Attempts at being cartoony and cute fall short. Patients and hospital support staff are forgettable designs. The motions are very unrealistic. Carrying a clip board looks more like following the hover-clip-board. Cleaning up after a patient is somehow performed with a hand motion that looks like typing on a keyboard. Basically, the whole thing needs to be reworked.

• Audio 

How many words does it take to describe how bland the audio is? The music is tasteless. All the characters sound the same. (Separated by sex of course.) The sound effects are generic and uninspired. Just thinking about the audio experience can put one to sleep.

• Creativity and Innovation 

Something old, nothing new, the whole game is borrowed, and leaves me blue.

• Overall

In no way is this game worth the $19.99 price tag. Play the demo if you must, but don’t expect to use all of your sixty free minutes. I would hesitate to call Hospital Hustle the worst game I’ve ever played. It is far from that in fact. However, it is bad enough to earn that dubious distinction of being a 1/5.